Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday (WOW)

Having a wonderful time working on my "Yesterday Remembered" wool applique from Kim Diehl's book "Simple Graces".

I finished sewing the applique, stitched some  minimal basting, and now I'm working the hand quilting!

Here's the thing -- I've only ever hand quilted practice pieces -- so I'm a bit green at this !
Debbie says "We don't want to see the quilting around the applique pieces Karen" -- so I've adjusted a bit and now I think I've got it.   (I hope).

I took my first hand quilting class - "Hand Quilting Sharon's Way" more than a year ago!  I guess doing this piece, (that will be framed(thankfully)), is a good way to get re-acclimated to hand quilting.   

Here is the back... doesn't look too bad (ouch).  Sorry Sharon/Debbie -- I have a long way to go to become a proficient hand quilter.

On a separate note -- I finished the blind stitchin on the binding of the "Horse Quilt" and it turned out wonderfully -- I just love the gold - it sets off all the beautiful colors in the quilt.  I will post more pictures of it later - but feels good to have it done.  Sure miss those horse friends of mine !!

Have a wonderful day everyone -- and thanks for stopping by !


  1. Love the applique and the hand quilting looks fine to me.

  2. love the horse quilt and I've never worked with looks great

  3. Love the applique and your handquilting looksvery nice.I handquilting too.

  4. Congrats on your hand quilting. I started hand quilting a large quilt over 15 yrs. ago still not finished but I don't get it iut much LOL. Love your quilt.

  5. Karen, you really did a nice job on your header at the top of your blogspot. I really enjoyed having you in my class and will always remember the fun we had with the tree/cardinal block! They are just perfect for this beautiful spring weather!!