Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Sisters, My Friends

I consider myself fortunate to live within 60 miles of all my brothers and sisters!  Sunday DH and I hosted a Birthday Celebration for my favorite sisters, Janet and Michele {wink wink}.  Their birthdays are 6 years and one week apart so we always celebrate two birthdays in one day !!     
Janet & DGD Morgan
Silly Girl !
My eldest sister Janet --- the one who convinced me to start a $1 block of the month with her at Local QS, using my 20 year old singer and getting lots of encouragement, coaching and love from her.  Look at me today !!  Ha ha ha...   Seriously, if it weren't for my patient and loving big sister, I may not be enjoying the wonderful world of sewing today.  Thank you my friend.  I love you...

Michele & Morgan
Here is my sissa Michele -- aka "Shell", "Shelly".   Every family needs an artist don't they?  Here is one that creates beautiful pieces of art no matter what the supply list.  Beads, flowers, water colors, oils, thread, wood, rocks... The most creative and artistic person I have every known -- and MY sister -- how lucky am I ?  In addition to being a wonderfully creative person, she has a great love of the outdoors, wildlife and people!  I am so fortunate to have her as my friend - I love you Shell.  

Sisters - 2010 !!
I must admit -- When the gift of sisters was being handed out -- I struck the jackpot !     Love you sisters -- with all my heart - and Happy Birthday to you both!

PS - Happy Birthday TODAY to another special "Sister from Another Mother" ; )  - our talented and very special friend Debbie.  Have a most wonderful birthday day my sister friend !!

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  1. I am so happy that you all got together to celebrate! I am so happy to have gotten to know you three sisters! You look like you are having a good ole time! Morgan is a sweetie!