Friday, April 3, 2015

Free Motion Feather Sampler and Aurifil Giveaway Winner

Hi fellow quilters...
thanks for stopping by!    

Before we announce the winner of the Aurifil thread (so exciting) I wanted to share a neat new Free Motion Feather sampler that I quilted on my domestic machine this week.
(Of course I used Aurifil thread ;)
The center motif was inspired by an Instagram post from Mary of Addicted to Fabric a few weeks ago.  

After a little doodling on paper and fabric we unearthed the appropriately named "Feather Galaxy" motif.  It's sew fun to stitch.
...Below is the back of one of my first attempts to actually stitch it out...   
Have I mentioned how much I love using Aurifil 50Wt Mako Cotton Thread for lint free - break free dense machine quilting ?   NO ?
You've gotta Love that thread!!
Happily, this sweet motif will be included in upcoming FMQ Feather Workshops being held at Quilter's Corner Ithaca, NY later this summer.  You can keep up on my class, lecture and workshop dates on my Facebook events page by clicking here

A Workshop Sampler was in order.

I started with a selection of the beautiful Grunge Fabric by BASICGREY for Moda.   
Oh how I LOVE Grunge - Those Colors!!
Just fabulous...  
If you haven't checked out Grunge you really should... I know you can find some online here.  Be careful - it's addicting!
  Oh! Don't forget to add the 12Wt and 50Wt Aurifil threads (Insert Happy Dance Here !)
 I pieced a little 23" x 25" sample, starting with a 10" x 12" center, adding a 2.5" sashing and a 5" border.  Very quick and simple (you know me and piecing - I would rather NOT ;)   
Add two layers of Quilter's Dream 100% Dream Wool and pin baste to prepare to quilt on a Janome Horizon.
To start I used a walking foot and Aurifil 50Wt #2805 thread to Stitch in the Ditch - it stabilizes for quilting.

After Stitching in Ditch, I used a 90/14 Needle, 12Wt Aurifil #5005 to top stitch a 1/4" around the seams.  Oh you've got to LOVE the texture and sheen the 12Wt thread adds to the piece...
I used 50Wt in the bobbin when top stitching with the 12Wt thread.  It's important to use that 90/14 needle though.
Next, the center panel was quilted using the "Feather Galaxy" motif (diagram below) and adding a neat swirl/feather vine in the sashing.   I kinda made it up -- but I love the way it stitched out.
Here's a finish / close-up of the feather vine and the lovely top stitching... Swoon!  After I finished quilting I decided to add that extra line of top stitching with 12Wt Aurifil in Color #1147    I really liked the way it framed the center.
On the outer border I did a gentle wave bump-back feather - it's always good to practice those feathers!!  They come out differently each time.   Next time I think a little Amish Swirl is in order!
If you're interested in quilting the "Feather Galaxy" motif, here is the step by step diagram I prepared to walk you through it:
Personally, I love to practice with pencil and paper before putting it on fabric.  When I do quilt,  I create small table runners or place-mats with my practice pieces.

If you need a good laugh  - checkout the quick YouTube video recorded right after the Facebook  Free Motion Quilting Frenzy group started stitching this motif.  My friend Doreen from TreadleMusic Blog was the first to stitch it once the diagram was out -- and me next.  Click the image below to watch on YouTube - don't laugh!!
Because I finished the binding while sitting in my car, I don't have an actual finished image (oops) -- but do have these two I took before leaving home:
In the image below the binding is only pinned - still love the way it came out.
I hope you enjoyed the FMQ Feathers Sampler and Feather Galaxy Motif.  If you're in the area I'll be sharing Feathers I and II at Quilters Corner in August -- do get signed up!  We'll have some fun!

Now onto our Aurifil Thread winner from the Sew We Stitch Blog Hop

This beautiful designer Thread Collection is being provided by Aurifil and includes 12 large spools of 12Wt Mako Cotton thread.  This weight works perfectly for machine top stitching (above) and for all sorts of hand work -- from wool applique, to cross stitch, to beautiful embellishments.
There were 258 entries on the Sew We Stitch - Meet and Greet post and Mr. Random.Org selected comment number 55!!  Lucky 55!

Congratulations go out to Kathryn -- what a coincidence that Kathryn went to college in Ithaca years back!!   Kathryn, I've sent you an email  - I look forward to hearing from you!
Many thanks again to Aurifil thread for their generosity.
What a wonderful bunch of individuals and a fantastic team at Aurifil.
On my bucket list at Spring Market is to finally meet the folks that create this awesome thread!

I leave you with an image of our granddaughter Angelina - just after finishing the piecing on her very first quilt.  She choose grunge for her main blocks and setting triangles - is that cool or what ?   This quilt will be showing locally next month at the Common Threads Guild Show in Endicott, NY.  Do stop by if you're in the area!   So proud of Angelina.

Oh, and if you're interested there is one open Giveaway on my blog through end of day April 4th -- you can see it here.

Have a blessed weekend all,


  1. Congrats to Angelina for her first flimsie. Your quilting was absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Just BEAUTIFUL! I am wanting to try this so bad, but always go back to just meandering. Great Job! L

  3. I'm so excited to have won! And can't wait to get good enough at free motion to try the very cool feathers above! You are an inspiration!

  4. And congrats to Angelina, a beauty (both your granddaughter and her flimsy!)


  5. Congratulations to Kathryn! And kudos to Angelin for her first quilt. Awesome job! Karen, I want to thank you for your awesome posts. You go into such great detail and for this newby, I'm just soaking it all in. This speaks very highly of your dedication and willingness to share your knowledge with the quilting community. I always look so forward to anything you post.
    Until next time, Gloria

  6. We've sure had fun with the "Feather Galaxy" motif, hmmmm? What will be the next one??? Angelina's finish turned out well. Your topper is perfect!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing such a great motif, and loved the YouTube piece! Can't wait to try this.

  8. Your quilting is beautiful and I really appreciate the tut. I just have to summon up the courage to try it. Thanks again.

  9. what a sweet little girl!!, good for her!!! I adore the quilt you just shared with is stunning, and I am going to try this quilting pattern. I am stiff when need to loosen up and I want to learn all of these beautiful swirls and things..thank you!!!!

  10. Kids and quilting! Gotta' love it ! Angelina's done a beautiful job. Congrats to Kathryn on being a winner. What fun! Karen, I'm totally blown away with your work today. I'm still making my way through my first cup of coffee, and already my head is spinning. Such amazing work. I know it was fun! I've been away from my Janome all winter and can't wait to be reunited with it. There is so much to learn...thread,'ll certainly be my go to blog for inspiration and information. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Thanks for this lovely post.

  11. Your work is stunning.
    congrats to the winner.
    Happy Easter!

  12. Karen, this is gorgeous! The beauty of the centre motif is what caught my eyes at first. I pinned it to my quilting board as I find it very inspiring. I also love the two straight lines done in contrasting colors in the inner border. The effect is striking. Also very inspiring.

  13. You know you have a perfect taste and scene of colors. All you use in your works from materials to thread are looking awesome together.

  14. Beautiful quilting Karen, how neat! Looks like your granddaughter is become a wonderful quilter too!

  15. Karen -- your work is wonderful! I've just discovered you -- are you still blogging?