Thursday, March 29, 2012

Applique Thursday

Yippeee!!  The stitching is complete !! 

I'm so excited about this piece --  "Flower Baskets" by Wooden Spool Designs -- I took the class some (way long) time ago and it was sooo much fun -- my sister Janet took it too... it is my 2nd all wool applique.  (Thanks Debbie - for such wonderful classes). 

Here is a shot of the last block while it was "in progress"  -- seems like for weeks I struggled with the colors on this one -- the shade of the basket is a little lite and it felt like the daffodils were disappearing on it... 

I turned to Sue at Liberty Cottage (ohhhh -- very nice wool at this shop !!) and she helped me pick out a new shade for the bottom of the daffodils -- they turned out wonderfully !!

 Now to decide on sashing & border !!

It will end up 2 x 3 for a beautiful wall hanging - and I plan to quilt it myself on my DSM -- just outline the beautiful wool applique.

I tested a few sashing colors today and wasn't happy with them -- but I won't give up!  I just LOVE the blocks and colors on this piece.  

 Such fun !!

Many thanks to Angie for hosting Applique Thursday !!

It makes me stop and ponder what I'm working on -- and share it too !

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wool ! Who likes Wool ?

Karen's version of "Folk Art Melody" by Lori Smith
 Special thanks to the Cranky Crow for sharing a post today about a wool giveaway at Hungry Hook Primitives... such beautiful hand dyed wool.

One Block of "Flower Baskets" by Wooden Spool Designs
Check it out using the link above.... 

But I don't like wool --

No Way !!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

BirdCams - Eagles, Hawks and Work - Oh My !

My sister Michele and I had a glorious day on Monday - driving to the rivers edge and spotting not 1 but 7 Bald Eagles!  Here is the reservoir that we visited.

The bird lovers that we are -- we enjoyed ourselves immensely and especially took pleasure in the fact that we had quality time together !!   I don't have many close up pictures of the eagles we spotted but I do have a couple of very special Bird Cam's to share with you.

As of March 23rd, the Alcoa Eagle Cam had hatched 2 young and a 3rd just working on breaking out of his egg.  For the most spectacular views of Momma and Poppa Bald Eagle -- and their young -  use this EagleCam link.

For a view of the Decorah Eagles (young yet to hatch) -- visit this link.  Any time now, the three eggs that have been laid will hatch.  It will be a joyous occasion.

Last, but not least, my place of employment, Cornell University & the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, hosts a Red Tail Hawk Cam -- three eggs have been laid, and now the waiting game begins.   See the Cam here.

I had a busy week at work this week -- and with such beautiful weather I didn't take much time to quilt.   Thankfully I spent time with my sister -- and my DH -- and enjoyed the wonderful spring weather here in the NorthEast United States !

Happy Weekend All -- Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

National Quilt Day Finish

A Tiny Little finish {wink} -- not much time to sew this weekend -- but I wanted to finish something -- it was National Quilt Day for goodness sake (and somehow I found time to go to a LQS that had 25% OFF !!)

So I raided my stash, choose this beautiful little ditty by April Cornell for Moda, "Natures Chorus", added a border, a binding (cheated a little and used a decorative stitch to complete the binding) -- a little free motion quilting -- and I tucked this little gem into our daughter Julie's car after our St. Patty's Day Celebration !!

Not bad for some quick Sewing on Saturday !!...  Anything to practice my FMQ - still learning the best threads and tension on my new machine !!

Hope ya'll had a lovely weekend !!
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Applique Thursday - Dancing Flower Dilemma

Ahhh - the trials that we face {wink}.  I just don't know how best to complete this UFO, my first ever needle turn applique. 

The design "Dancing Flowers" is a Sharon Stroud Exclusive -- visit her blog here.  Along with being a most wonderful instructor and mentor, she is also a hoot !!  You might leave her blog laughing your head off, or learning something useful for future quilting projects... Either way it's well worth the trip....  But I digress.

I completed the applique on Dancing Flowers ummm ? a long time ? ago (ouch...).  Lately I have been contemplating how to finish it.    

Unfortunately, I've been reading and blogging and buying old used Quilt books -- so my imagination has 100 different ideas spinning around. 

One of the things I'm thinking is that I'll finish it on-point (does this make any sense seeing that the design is circular ? crazy woman).  Add the finishing points to it (in the same material as the background), then add another few inch border of the same.

On the outer border -  I would use the same flower, berry, and leaf designs that Sharon taught us using the nifty "RucheMark - Circular Ruching Guides" by Anita Shackelford.

I think this border accent flowers would want to be  smaller and more sparse than the medallion center piece (?? you think so ??).      I've tried to sketch something out (artist I'm NOT) for an idea....
In the white space I would quilt (hand or machine ?? that would be the next dilemma)...

Anyhow -- what do YOU think ?  Yes, No, New Ideas ??

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PS - Linking up to Angie's Applique Thursday!!
Check out the wonderful applique going on there !!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday (WOW)

Having a wonderful time working on my "Yesterday Remembered" wool applique from Kim Diehl's book "Simple Graces".

I finished sewing the applique, stitched some  minimal basting, and now I'm working the hand quilting!

Here's the thing -- I've only ever hand quilted practice pieces -- so I'm a bit green at this !
Debbie says "We don't want to see the quilting around the applique pieces Karen" -- so I've adjusted a bit and now I think I've got it.   (I hope).

I took my first hand quilting class - "Hand Quilting Sharon's Way" more than a year ago!  I guess doing this piece, (that will be framed(thankfully)), is a good way to get re-acclimated to hand quilting.   

Here is the back... doesn't look too bad (ouch).  Sorry Sharon/Debbie -- I have a long way to go to become a proficient hand quilter.

On a separate note -- I finished the blind stitchin on the binding of the "Horse Quilt" and it turned out wonderfully -- I just love the gold - it sets off all the beautiful colors in the quilt.  I will post more pictures of it later - but feels good to have it done.  Sure miss those horse friends of mine !!

Have a wonderful day everyone -- and thanks for stopping by !

Sunday, March 11, 2012



... of 


Spring Days.... 

 ...and Quilts 

to be made....    


Happy Sunday !!



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Work In Progress On Wednesday - WOW

I couldn't be more excited !!   Cindy called Monday afternoon from SewItIs to tell me she had completed the quilting on the "Horse Quilt" !!  Perfect timing to get it trimmed, binding cut, and machine sewing done!!  I'm working on it now -- Here are a few shots...   

If you haven't heard the story -- in the last 12 months we've had to part with two very special horse friends that I've had for 30 years (my entire adult life) -- Chief and Nuisance.

I bought the fabric a year ago, when we lost Nuisance - and a year later, when we lost Chief, I began piecing it. (I had helpers... thanks Debbie and Janet -- love you both...).

The fabric is flannel -- many are Marcus -- although there are some Moda and others mixed in as well. 

I choose the colors because they reminded me of the richness and beauty of our beloved Roan horse friends.

If you click on the picture (above), you can see the wonderful job that Cindy at SewItIs did quilting it -- thank you Cindy.

I love the back of this quilt as much as the front -- thankfully our friends at Material Rewards had enough backing in their stash for me to finish the quilt !!  

Only choice left now is the color of the binding -- DH likes the brown -- but I think this time we're stepping outside of our comfort box and going with the GOLD !!  What do you think ?

Happy Wednesday all -  enjoying a beautifully sunny and warm day here in UpState New York.

Linking up to Esther's WIP on Wednesday - WOW !!



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Sisters, My Friends

I consider myself fortunate to live within 60 miles of all my brothers and sisters!  Sunday DH and I hosted a Birthday Celebration for my favorite sisters, Janet and Michele {wink wink}.  Their birthdays are 6 years and one week apart so we always celebrate two birthdays in one day !!     
Janet & DGD Morgan
Silly Girl !
My eldest sister Janet --- the one who convinced me to start a $1 block of the month with her at Local QS, using my 20 year old singer and getting lots of encouragement, coaching and love from her.  Look at me today !!  Ha ha ha...   Seriously, if it weren't for my patient and loving big sister, I may not be enjoying the wonderful world of sewing today.  Thank you my friend.  I love you...

Michele & Morgan
Here is my sissa Michele -- aka "Shell", "Shelly".   Every family needs an artist don't they?  Here is one that creates beautiful pieces of art no matter what the supply list.  Beads, flowers, water colors, oils, thread, wood, rocks... The most creative and artistic person I have every known -- and MY sister -- how lucky am I ?  In addition to being a wonderfully creative person, she has a great love of the outdoors, wildlife and people!  I am so fortunate to have her as my friend - I love you Shell.  

Sisters - 2010 !!
I must admit -- When the gift of sisters was being handed out -- I struck the jackpot !     Love you sisters -- with all my heart - and Happy Birthday to you both!

PS - Happy Birthday TODAY to another special "Sister from Another Mother" ; )  - our talented and very special friend Debbie.  Have a most wonderful birthday day my sister friend !!