Thursday, March 29, 2012

Applique Thursday

Yippeee!!  The stitching is complete !! 

I'm so excited about this piece --  "Flower Baskets" by Wooden Spool Designs -- I took the class some (way long) time ago and it was sooo much fun -- my sister Janet took it too... it is my 2nd all wool applique.  (Thanks Debbie - for such wonderful classes). 

Here is a shot of the last block while it was "in progress"  -- seems like for weeks I struggled with the colors on this one -- the shade of the basket is a little lite and it felt like the daffodils were disappearing on it... 

I turned to Sue at Liberty Cottage (ohhhh -- very nice wool at this shop !!) and she helped me pick out a new shade for the bottom of the daffodils -- they turned out wonderfully !!

 Now to decide on sashing & border !!

It will end up 2 x 3 for a beautiful wall hanging - and I plan to quilt it myself on my DSM -- just outline the beautiful wool applique.

I tested a few sashing colors today and wasn't happy with them -- but I won't give up!  I just LOVE the blocks and colors on this piece.  

 Such fun !!

Many thanks to Angie for hosting Applique Thursday !!

It makes me stop and ponder what I'm working on -- and share it too !

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  1. Oh, I really like your new basket - the one with the hearts and those daffodils will be so cute too. Excited about seeing this one assembled. Thanks for sharing on Applique Thursday. It was a treat.

  2. I love your wool applique Karen. Your blog is fun to visit too. So you have been nominated to receive the Liebster Award. You can go to my blog at: and copy and paste the button to yours. Congratulations. :)