Thursday, March 15, 2012

Applique Thursday - Dancing Flower Dilemma

Ahhh - the trials that we face {wink}.  I just don't know how best to complete this UFO, my first ever needle turn applique. 

The design "Dancing Flowers" is a Sharon Stroud Exclusive -- visit her blog here.  Along with being a most wonderful instructor and mentor, she is also a hoot !!  You might leave her blog laughing your head off, or learning something useful for future quilting projects... Either way it's well worth the trip....  But I digress.

I completed the applique on Dancing Flowers ummm ? a long time ? ago (ouch...).  Lately I have been contemplating how to finish it.    

Unfortunately, I've been reading and blogging and buying old used Quilt books -- so my imagination has 100 different ideas spinning around. 

One of the things I'm thinking is that I'll finish it on-point (does this make any sense seeing that the design is circular ? crazy woman).  Add the finishing points to it (in the same material as the background), then add another few inch border of the same.

On the outer border -  I would use the same flower, berry, and leaf designs that Sharon taught us using the nifty "RucheMark - Circular Ruching Guides" by Anita Shackelford.

I think this border accent flowers would want to be  smaller and more sparse than the medallion center piece (?? you think so ??).      I've tried to sketch something out (artist I'm NOT) for an idea....
In the white space I would quilt (hand or machine ?? that would be the next dilemma)...

Anyhow -- what do YOU think ?  Yes, No, New Ideas ??

Thanks for stopping by!  {hugs}


PS - Linking up to Angie's Applique Thursday!!
Check out the wonderful applique going on there !!


  1. This is your first applique project?! WOW is all I can say, or you're a natural like Jennifer at My Corner Quilts. I think your idea will make a beautiful wall hanging - and you can quilt some feather wreaths in the white space.

    A magnificent first effort. I loved seeing it on Applique Thursday. I hope you keep sharing your progress then as it develops in thursdays too.

  2. Hi, Karen! So good to see you yesterday! Your idea for setting Dancing Flowers is fabulous! I also took a peak at your hand quilting in another post and I'd say you did really well! Hard to believe the class was over a year ago. Time sure flies. Keep up the great work!

  3. I love it on point! It always seems to make blocks look more complex.
    Your drawing looks like it should work wonderfully for this block. And quilting will fill the triangle space nicely!!