Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kim Diehl's Penny Garland - Making Progress

"The" Kim Diehl in Dansville, NY ? No Way! But yes, this was the case last fall when Kim taught for 4 days at a great little quilt shop (Material Rewards) in upstate NY.  Time for a road trip!!  Debbie, Bonnie and I got together and signed up for Kim's Penny Garland class.  Penny Garland features a wool appliqué pattern that has never been published in any of Kim's books and it's a cutie.
Above is a picture of my (work in progress) version which is a bit different from Kim's version.  The pattern calls for the center pennies to be arranged in a 9 patch fashion -- but working with my sister Michele we decided the round placement looks softer. What do you think ?

When the sewing is done -- those angled corners get trimmed off and the binding just catches the edges of the outside tongues.  It's very unique !!
The vine is made from cotton fabric using a bias tape maker.   So far it is the only cotton on the table topper -- but I must say -- a little cotton cardinal would look splendid here don't you think ?
I'm sewing the wool on with an overhand stitch and using Valdani Pearle Cotton (#12).
Only 8 more tongues to stitch -- then a few more stars, a bird and some berries.
Perfect piece for fall or Christmas - Hope to have it done by then !!

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