Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Machine Applique - Lessons Learned - WOW

Eight Grandkids -- One Quilt!

It's been on my list for the last few summers.... replacing the black, floral, hand-me-down, store-bought quilt at the lake with something that "Gramma Made".  So when our little slumber pack is resting by the water... they're on a "hand made" quilt and I have a better background for pictures!  I wanted to use materials from items that we've given to the kids and have a beautiful scrappy applique quilt - with texture and familiar things (for the little ones).... and made with love !

I'm on a roll.

I'm using several "New to Me" techniques on this large quilt - which means lots of Lessons Learned !
Heat-n-Bond Fusible Interfacing "Lite" - Draw shape onto either side of product, place over fabric with "dots" to right side of fabric
So far, I am very pleased with this product - only one side is fusible -it's very "lite" so you don't have that flat feeling after you've ironed it.
Stitch 1/4 inch allowance - Clip Corners/Curves - Slit Interfacing
Turn right side out - Now the dots are ready to be ironed and stitched down

Before I stitched the applique to the background, I layered a piece of batting to the back to achieve a "trapunto" effect on the front - then I stitched the applique piece with invisible thread and a zig-zag stitch to secure it on the front and cut away the excess batting on the back!
Lesson Learned -- instead of doing the Trapunto on the back of the background fabric, integrate it into your initial sewing of the shape.  Fabric and interfacing right sides together, and a layer of batting behind them.  Might be easier ?
Click the pic to see the invisible zig-zag and machine blanket stitch - you can also see the stitch in the ditch around both

Lesson Learned -- I did the blanket stitch AFTER the star was stitched -- feed dogs caught on the invisible thread and broke it... not good... be careful to not make this mistake!!

Each DGC gets their own "Star" and initials... two kids on each quadrant - - sew much fun! 
I stitched in the ditch on each applique and then stitched at least one row of echo.
Emily's flannel snoopy pillow case scraps -- and throw pillow fabric for the Caleb and Benjamin
Quilting on my DSM has been a Joy - well sorta...
Lesson Learned - don't layer 100% poly med loft with 1 layer of 100% Cotton Warm and Natural -- way too hard to quilt...but....  it will be the standard until I finish 3 more quadrants : )
I'm making 4 quadrants, quilting each (on my DSM) as I go and I will use Leah's great tutorial to piece them together!

Lesson Learned - Top Thread Breaks - (Using Signature 100 Cotton) - I put my spool in the freezer overnight and the next time I quilted I had LESS Breaks !!   YAY !
I'm nearly done with this quadrant -- lets see - only 20 days to finish 3 more and stitch them together...   It might be a two quadrant quilt for this Memorial Day.

I hope you enjoyed this "Lessons Learned" session - more to come !

Have a wonderful day -- hugs -- Karen

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Charity Table Runner

I just LOVE this table runner pattern "Pickety Sticks" -- by Heather Mulder Peterson (Anka's Treasures - On a Roll Again) -- when I need something quick, fun and simple I turn to this pattern  (and cut out the scalloped edges -- I still struggle with them ; )
(do you love baby quilts -- modern ones ??  see Heather's Blog today  -- oh my)
  I quilted it on my Janome Horizon - I like to believe that I get better with each new project {wink}.
The runner was made for our son and daughter in law to donate to the church charity "Rama" this weekend.  I made a special little dated label for the back (darn -- no picture).    I hope it will bring in a few dollars in their live or silent auction.   
  I "cheated" a bit on the double fold binding -- sewing it by machine to the back of the runner and then using a machine decorative stitch w/ varigated thread to secure it to the front -- takes the hand sewing out of the picture but still looks pretty.
If you haven't tried this pattern (Pickety Sticks Table Runner) you really should -- fun fun.    

It even looked pretty with my deck flowers -- love those colors !
A May Finish -- fast and fun too !

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oldest UFO in UFO History ?

This is embarrassing!     I was cleaning out an old wooden crate in my sewing room   -- and in the bottom I found a mat (never used), an adhesive board (brand new),  and a small package that said "and I made it myself".   Could these three things be together for a reason ? I was at a total loss....  Until opened the package....

Yes, I made this cross-stitch more than -20- years ago !  For my cousin's first child... who will be 23 years old this summer ! Can anyone beat the age of this UFO ?

Maybe I'll give it to him when he has his first son...

What a hoot.

On a good note -- I did manage to get the flannel sashing on my Wool Baskets in the last week or so... I love the color -- but sashing wool with flannel is quite a challenge !!    Can't wait to finish it - and before I turn 75 I hope !!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When you cut it into a Lemon.....

Gramma was "helping"
A surprise -- taking the pieced and layered materials that Emily picked out for this handbag...

Completing the quilting, cutting, sewing and handles -- so she could receive her handbag for her Birthday -- well sew much for that !!

You are suppose to cut the 3 inch angled pieces from top to bottom, narrowing the bottom to make the nice handbag...  

Dang...  I'm not allowed to measure and cut anymore after 10pm on a Saturday night. (sad).
 So the "handbag" turned into a Drawstring Bag -- and still made a birthday appearance !!

When you cut it into a Lemon -- make a Pie !!


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