Friday, January 6, 2012

My First Post on the First Friday of 2012!

Happy New Year !!

I've wanted to start a blog for several months -- but haven't found the nerve or the time to set one up -- well TODAY is the day !

It's a lovely sunny and unseasonably warm day here in the Northeast!  Temperature at NOON was around 45 degrees!  Heat wave considering two days ago it only reached 14 degrees during the day - and it was 0 (zero) overnight!

Our old pony "Chief" was happy about the warmer temperatures -- he was a little shy of the camera but wanted to say hello.

Can you believe he is nearly 40 years old - came from out West to the North East in 1982 - this summer will mark 30 years that we've had him -- if he could only talk -- imagine the stories you would hear !!

Well I'm preparing to take the Christmas Tree down soon -- it's an all day (sometimes two) event... (ouch)...  It brings such joy though - to put it up - put all of our special ornaments on it - and cherish the tradition that mom started oh so many years ago.  Thanks Mom for instilling the spirit of Christmas in our hearts !  Miss you... 

Gotta run for now -- Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!