Monday, December 17, 2012

Where has the time gone ? Sharing....

How the challenges of November and December have caught up with me! I've been delinquent in posting -- and in sewing -- but I have had a blast preparing for the Holidays.

Each year we gather for a Photo Shoot of our grand children in our home.

My sister Michele graciously endures MANY hours of shooting a variety of holiday photos with 8 little munchkins ranging from 2 to 14 years old.

This year was especially fun (and challenging).  Thankfully, we gain hundreds of wonderful photo's each year.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Brother and sister -- Lucas and Angelina - Aren't they special ?

 Cousins -- three months apart, Zachary and Ethan -- Ethan will turn 2 this week !!

Say "hello" to Caleb -- he was tired today - spent alot of time in Grampa's lap and just taking everything in.

 Beautiful Miss Jenna with her cousin Zachary....

Two of my favorites of "the girls"...

Sisters Emily (left) and Jenna (right) with cousin Angelina (center). 

Angelina has 4 brothers so she really enjoys getting dolled up with her cousins!

Last but not least is Emily with her little cousin --the other twin, Benjamin.

We feel very fortunate to have such special grandchildren and to live close to all of them (3 families).

Bless you all this holiday season...  May you enjoy your time with you family and friends.

Leaving you with my "Bird Tree" - a gift from my sister Michele a few years ago -- it stays up 365 days a year to celebrate my love of Song Birds.

Thanks again sister... for another year of wonderful photos!

Merry Christmas,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday FMQ Practice - Growth Chart

I spent my Sunday quilting this sweet Growth Chart that my sister Janet put together for her newest grandson Eric.

She asked me to quilt it back in August and it's finally getting the priority it deserves (sorry Sister - ready for Christmas ? )...

The panels and coordinating fabric are from "Susybee" - aren't they darling ?   They whip up fast and are great gifts for the little folks in your lives.

There are several different designs including a Lamb and a Bird.   I quilted "Mary had a Little Lamb" back in August.

I recently purchased Angela Walters new book "Free Motion Quilting" and I used the "Allover Leaves" design to do the border on the Giraffe.

BTW:  I love the book -- well worth having if you are doing your own quilting.

I had a blast doing this and it's a great way to practice, practice, practice!  

We're buckling down for the rain and wind expected to hit the Northeast today.

I think we're ready personally - as are our kids and our extended family.

Be safe everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.

PS - Linking up to Leah's UFO Sunday ! - Connie's Linky Party and Quilt Story too!    Check out all the great projects going on around the globe! Great stuff....

UFO Sundays on the Free Motion Quilting Project

Fresh Poppy Design

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Designs On The Go and Designer Etsuko Furuya

On the Road for work this week in Austin, TX and spending time with folks from 40 states and 8 countries!  It's an eye opening and learning event and Austin is quite a city!

While I'm locked up inside the Austin Hilton  most of the day -- we have managed to get out and about a bit.

We visited a local fabric shop (darling place) and found the most fabulous cotton/linen fabric by Designer Etsuko Furuya -- called "Echino"for Kokka.  Oh My!  When I saw this fabric I almost flipped... it is so beautiful (and a bit pricey).   I did manage to convince myself to buy "A little"....  I'm glad I did! 

The remainder of our "out and about" time I just let my mind / eye see designs in the landscape.  Here are some of the beautiful "things" that made me think of designs for quilts or fabrics.  Check out these photos -- Let your imagination flow -- these inspire me -- how about you ?

Can't you just see a "house" quilt ?

A wall mural gone whole cloth ? Beautiful!

Floor inlay at the Austin Hilton - more quilting ?

The "Frost" ? Building downtown Austin - Ideas ?

12th floor Carpet -- Austin Hilton

12th floor Carpet - Austin Hilton - definately an applique!
Going to link up with Connie and others this week -- Share the fun -- go check out the beautiful posts!
Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall, Fabric, Memories

Grateful for yet another beautiful fall here in "Upstate" New York. 

This year the backyard is much too quiet though -- after having had two very special friends with us for the last 30 years -- it odd to look out there and have them gone -- I'm sure they are both kicking up their heels in horsey heaven -- they earned that reward!

Always cherishing the memories and feeling of Joy that these two brought to so many people - especially our grandkids.   You can see and read about "Chief" here and here... and since we lost spirited "Nuisance" before I was a blogger -- I guess I owe her a post sometime in the near future.

I was very blessed to have had and enjoyed the company of those two -- for many, many years! 

This week I'm preparing to travel to Austin, Tx for a work conference so I'm not getting much done in the way of sewing. 

I did however, manage to find a really Great Deal on some Women of Courage Fabric at a (local to me) Online Quilt Shop for only $7.99 a yard!!  There are still yards on the bolts -- so if you would like to get any of these beautiful fabrics (and more) go visit Cindy at Sew It Is Online and check out the great prices and selection!!

I'm not one to do all that piecing on the WOC BOM quilt (Thankfully I have a talented friend that enjoys all that piecing, Debbie Wick
Debbie -- we need a picture of your stunning completed WOC flimsy!!)

-- but -- Am I in love with those red birds ?  Oh YES I am....   !! I just need to figure out what to do with them! 

Ideas ?  

Leaving you with a special sunset from Tuesday evening....

Life Changes...

Life is Good!



Sunday, October 7, 2012

Airing of the Quilts!

I attended the Annual  "Airing of the Quilts" in Tunkhannock, Pa yesterday with my sister Michele -- although the day was damp and cold -- we had a wonderful time and saw some beautiful quilts! 

If you've never attended an "Airing" -- hundreds of quilts are hung along the streets and displayed in local buildings.  

The homes in this area are stunning!

and it goes along way in optimizing the beauty of the quilts!

The quilts are hung on fences...

over rocks,

on shrubbery

in windows... and


from Porches (Michele is near the porch!)

This "Amish Peacock" quilt was beautiful -- hand appliqued and quilted.

The detail was amazing -- each feather in the tail (30 of them) was two different pieces of fabric!  
(Debbie -- does this look familiar ?)
There is also a quilt show a the local school gym...

 I love Baltimore Album quilts -- this one was beautiful!

We were also amazed by the quilt below...
The center blocks were needle turn appliqued Paisley!  
Can you imagine ?
And the quilting was also beautiful (sorry for the color issues with my camera).  Really neat stuff.

 Here is an "Art" quilt -- made with zippers, buttons and 3d applique.
Zipper Borders too !
Zipper Flower stems all around... see ?
Last -- but not least -- is Angelina at her birthday party -- she had a great time and just loved the "Sparkly Little Purse with Flowers"

Sew much fun!
Have a wonderful day everyone...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sparkly Little Purse with Flowers

Woohoo!   Just lovin' this "Sparkly Little Purse with Flowers" -- a special request birthday gift for our beautiful little grand daughter Angelina who turns 8 years old this week!

Approximate fussing time:  3 hours
Cost:  Cheap!  1/4 yard main satin, 1/4 yard lining satin, 1/8 yard lace, misc materials for flowers, 9" zipper

Silk Chiffon Flower Hand Bag
I started with a great tutorial by: SecretLifeofABioNerd 

BluGirl Hand Bag

She was inspired by this BluGirl Hand Bag
See that price?  Ouch!

The tutorial was very good -- but I did struggle with how to position the zipper when I stitched over it around the perimeter of the piece.

I revised things a bit by including a sewn-in wrist handle and leaving the opening to turn it right side out on the lining instead of the main piece (to do this you MUST leave the zipper open at least 1/2 way).

Now the question is -- add more flowers ?  or leave it alone ?

Thanks for the feedback!  Sew much fun!

To see my practice runs -- look here!


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Linking up to Connie's Linky Party Tuesday (A bit lat)....

Posting here too! 
September Finishes

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Wristlet Purse Practice and Lessons Learned

DGD Angelina's birthday is coming up this week -- when asked what she would like for her birthday she says "A little purse Gramma -- one that sparkles and is pretty -- with flowers!"

Well... here are the results of my trial runs at working with zippers and making small purses with a wrist band vs a shoulder handle.

The batik was my first trial -- and the bird pattern my 2nd attempt.   I'm learning:

1.  You CAN sew the fabric too close to the opening / closing of the zipper (ouch -- this makes it harder to open and close - duh !)

2.  You should angle the placement of the wrist band so that when the piece is finished, it angles up toward the zipper opening (for less wear and tear on the wrist band).

3.  You can sew over those poly/nylon zippers without breaking a needle (YAY!)

4.  It doesn't matter if the zipper is invisible or not -- not for this piece.

Next up - making some trial run flowers and purchasing some satin for "The Real Thing".  Birthday party for Angie is a week from today!

Many thanks to SecretLifeOfABioNerd for her YouTube Tutorial -- I made revisions to her design but her Tutorial Inspired me !!  Thank You!

On the sideline is my Pumpkin Table Topper and my Kim Diehl "Penny Garland" piece -- I have yet to share with you that I attended a Trunk Show and Class with Kim Diehl -- I'm hooked !!

Karen's Start at Penny Garland
Here is my start on her pattern -- placing wool pennies on a cotton backing with a cotton vine.

The picture below is Kim's finished piece -- as you can see -- mine will be slightly different with a "touch of Karen" included (special thanks to my sissa Michele for her feedback and design insights -- Love You!)

Kim Diehl Pattern - "Penny Garland"
Happy Days

Have a blessed week !



PS -- I've finished Angelina's "Sparkly Little Purse with Flowers" 

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