Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday Jenna's Quilt

Our DGD Jenna (now age 10) started this lovely little piece back in February (See more here...) at the same time that her sister, Emily finished her first quilt.  
Jenna's Quilt - Borders Added
Jenna received the charm pack for Christmas and couldn't wait to lay out a design, do the piecing and then add a bit of applique for charm.  She did a great job.

Well this week she turned 10 -- and for her birthday I decided to add the borders (that she had picked out in the spring) and do the quilting and binding for her....   We will present the gift to her this Sunday.

I used a real soft poly backing material so no batting required !!

I stitched around the applique first (before quilting)... and then pinned the backing down and went for it....

I just love the flowers in the charm blocks but wasn't real thrilled with my quilting around the applique-- I switched up the design a couple of times --- I guess it came out ok...  My sisters tell me that I'm too critical of my own work... {smile}

Once I finished the top, I removed the quilt from the machine and tried out several different designs for the border -- my DH helped me decide (as always - thanks honey).   Ended up with same flower in the border (enlarged to fit the space). 

 Remember the issue I had with thread breaking in the spring (Signature thread at the time)... Well last night, on the last two border flowers, I changed the needle plate from single hole to zig zag hole -- and my breaks went away!   Yippee!  OH how good it felt to quilt more than a flower without the thread breaking....  Maybe it wasn't the thread at all ??
 Tonight I will finish the cheating binding.  I cut the back 3/4 inch wider than the top and will double fold and stitch down with my machine.

It was fun -- I can't wait to see if she likes it !

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  1. Karen thanks for your visit to my blog and your sweet comment. Now tha little quilt is adorable and I love that it was made by a little girl or future quilter. She will be so over the moon that it is done. Too darn cute. Oh by the way you might hav a burr on your needle plate take an emery board and file it on the wrong side of plate. Bunny

  2. Jenna has done a great job and so have you. Very frustrating when the thread keeps breaking while you are sewing


  3. What a very special quilt you have both made, such lovely soft colors. cheers Glenda

  4. Karen, Love, love, love that quilting and, yes, you ARE too hard on yourself (this from one who does the very same thing...yowser!). She is totally going to swoon!! Hugs, Doreen