Thursday, August 23, 2012

Woohoo Wool Baskets & More Lessons Learned

Don't you LOVE to celebrate when you finish one of your favorite pieces?

The pattern is "Flower Basket"  By Wooden Spool Designs.  

I hate to say how long ago I started this little gem {wink}.

My sister Janet and I took this class together -- our instructor is a friend and mentor, Debbie Wick.   
See a sampling of Debbie's beautiful work here.

Needless to say, Janet finished her piece MONTHS ago.  But I seem to be a bit slower than the average bear.

Working with wool is SO MUCH FUN !! It works up fast and easy.  There is no turning of edges.

Just trace your pattern on freezer paper, iron onto the wool piece, cut it on the line, and blanket (or overcast) stitch it to the backing.

It's really that easy !!  {and so much fun to choose from all the beautiful hand dyed wools that are available}.

On this piece, I did all the handwork, and the quilting (on my DSM).

A few Lessons Learned:

1.  Using a flannel sashing was probably NOT the best thing to do.  It gives more than cotton fabric and made it a bit of a challenge to piece with the wool blocks.

2.  When quilting, be sure to outline stitch the blocks first... to secure the blocks before doing any other stitching.  (Especially important if your sashing is flannel and it  s-t-r-e-c-h-e-s)

3.  Once that outline stitch is done -- get the sashing stitched.  In this piece, I did the outline and echo quilting around the baskets first.  I saved the sashing for last...ouch -- I have alot of folds in the quilting of my sashing. 

4.  Plan, Plan, Plan before you Quilt -- I sketched several ideas for my the quilting on the sashing -- and didn't really like any of them -- I went ahead and just started quilting.   Boooo !!   Next time I will sketch a design on paper before I quilt.  The design wasn't consistent from sash to sash -- and sides and top even more different. 

I still love it and I had a blast making it...

If you haven't tried wool applique -- you really should.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. It is a wonderful piece lots of interesting stitches and embellishments.
    Nice job. Bunny

  2. Congratulations on finishing this quilt, it's stunning and each block detail is so beautiful. What a great design. I think finishing a project is as exciting as that first moment you decide to start it. No, I think it's better!

  3. Great applique! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt.....simply gorgeous!

  5. Love your quilt! You did a great job! Will always love this small quilt and all the great ladies who took the class! We had so much fun!

  6. Thanks for sharing this again at Val's. I have tried wool and it's everything you say it is! I don't have any finishes yet (another slow bear, I'm afraid) but will definitely be keeping your tips on the sashing and quilting in mind when I get to that part.