Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Joys of Quilting - Mary Had A Little Lamb

Check out this beautiful Growth Chart by Susybee!!

My sister Janet pieced this one for her GD
Mary Morningstar.

She'll label it "Mary Had A Little Lamb"! 

She asked if I had time to quilt this for her -- it's hard to pass up a quilting session since I'm constantly in training on my DSM -- and my sister got me into this mess to begin with (thanks -- Love you!)...

So I had my hand at quilting the borders and some echo stitching around the sheep.  It was so much fun....

I wanted to do more echo quilting but we thought it might get in the way of writing the height and dates on the panel.

Here is a picture after Janet put the binding on...

Isn't it adorable?

Here is another panel by Susybee -- my favorite of course -- because of the Red Bird!!

There is a giraffe as well -- he is really cute.... and the coordinating fabrics are special!!

Thanks for stopping by today -- I'm linking into Angie's Applique Thursday.



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    1. Your sisters growth chart looks great and your quilting finishes the quilt perfectly


  2. What a cute panel and nicely quilted! Thanks for linking to Applique Thursday. Good luck on the book giveaway.

  3. Love that growth panel...will have to keep my eyes open for such as I definitely have a need for one for the great grand daughter! Beautiful quilting....just enough!! Hugs, Doreen