Monday, February 20, 2012

Emily's Quilt & Happy President's Day !

Happy President's Day !! One thing we LOVE about President's Day -- is spending time with our grandkids -- that means finishing up projects and having fun!!

We are so proud of our eldest grand daughter Emily. For her 13th birthday (last April) we shopped with her for fabric and a pattern to make her very first quilt -- today she can claim it "Completed". She choose the fabric, the block and quilt layout, did all the sewing, hand stitched the binding, and created and hand stitched the label herself !! (Gramma & Grampa provided funds, moral support, guidance, and rotary cutting!!)

We are so very proud of her -- the quilt went home tonight -- so she can have it on her bed and share it with mommy and her friends. She did a wonderful job.

  The quilting (also patterned "Emily") was picked out by our Emily and sewn by Cindy at SewItIs.   It came out beautifully !!

Emily wrote, attached, and hand quilted the label -- 

and posed for me to take several "proud Grandparents" shots.
Not to forget our middle grand daugher Jenna -- for Valentine's Day this year she rec'd her very own "Free Spirit" Charm Pack and couldn't wait to get at it this weekend.    Here is a shot of her in the design process:
And a shot of the finished Quilt Top -- She wants a "soft" backing so we'll choose some Flannel when we have a minute (can you believe the stash didn't meet the needs ??)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend !  Here's to quilting, grandkids & fun.

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  1. Oh my this post is absolutely adorable!! Reminds me of my 4H years with my own daughters!! You are an awesome Grandma Karen!!!

    1. Thanks Val... Since this post Jenna and our youngest granddaughter Angelina both received sewing machines for Christmas... Let the tradition continue. Love your party each week! Hugs, Karen


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