Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016 Free Motion Quilt Along - Part VIII Borders

Greetings Fellow Quilters!
Welcome to Part VIII of the
2016 Redbird Quilt Co.
Free Motion Quilt Along
using the whimsical 
Lewe's Balloons Growth Chart
by Susy Bleasby
for World of Susybee

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In Part VIII of the QAL
we're talking borders -- woot woot!
I'll share what I did for Border 2
and offer FMQ options & lessons
for YOU to quilt Border 2.
We'll also talk Border 3 ideas and FMQ.

Let's get started:
There is 1 video and a few still images to check out.

As always, be sure to watch the video first....
(Click image below)
Here are a few still images of my completed borders.

I decided to go with Aurifil 12Wt
for MY Border #2.
The 12Wt thread adds
sheen & beautiful dimension.
Color #2105 was perfect.
Tips for using Aurifil 12Wt
on your home machine:
  • Use a "walking" or "even-feed" foot
  • Use a 100/16 or 110/18 needle
  • Use 50Wt thread in the bobbin
  • Set your stitch length to a "top-stitch" setting (3.5) 
  • Set your top tension down (a lower number)
  • Stitch slowly
If you're needle is not the right size or it's just old, you may see skipped stitches.
I had a few in my quilting of Border 2.
It's not a disaster -- but it's always better if you can avoid "Skipped" stitches.
To begin and end stitching with 12Wt thread take very small stitches or make a backtrack to lock the stitches.  It's hard to stitch in in place with such a thick thread.

For those of you that want to Free Motion Quilt Border #2 -- please review the Part VIII video where we review and practice 4 different FMQ Motifs for this border.
I can't wait to see what you decide.

For Border #3 I went with varying size pebbles around the perimeter of the green dot fabric.
Don't worry too much about the uniformity of the pebbles...
Make them all sizes!
Don't even worry about making them all round.
It's a great opportunity to
Practice, Practice, Practice
your pebbles...
Some the pebbles in my border look to be overlapped.
It worked out just fine.
Great thing about pebbles for a border, you can just stitch a continuous design around any corner.
No need to stop or measure!
I love the way it worked out.
Stay tuned....

I'll be sure to talk a little about binding and hanging sleeve in our next blog post.
Now get that stitching done so we can have a giveaway!!

Are you excited ? 
How is your quilting coming along ?
Be sure to leave me a comment on the blog, any YouTube Video, or over on Facebook. 
I would love to see your progress and hear your woes (if you have them).

Happy Quilting!

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