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2016 Free Motion Quilt Along - Part VII Landscape & Background FMQ

Greetings Fellow Quilters!
Welcome to Part VII of the
2016 Redbird Quilt Co.
Free Motion Quilt Along
using the whimsical 
Lewe's Balloons Growth Chart
by Susy Bleasby
for World of Susybee

We're in the home stretch and it's sew exciting!
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This week we're going to get busy quilting the Lewe's Balloons Landscape (at bottom of panel) and Background.

Lets start with the Landscape quilting.
There is 1 video and a few still images (below) to check out.

On the landscape quilting....
Yes I did -- I changed my mind on the thread color .
(Isn't that a quilters prerogative ?)

In our "How to Quilt That" session I thought we would go with the Aurifil 50Wt in Creme Brulee -- but at the last tossing of the colors on the quilt top, the Aurifil 50Wt Spring Green color won!

It just spoke to me.
Does that ever happen to you ?

Of course you should always do what speaks to YOU!
It's a personal choice.

Take a few minutes and watch the YouTube video by clicking the image below:
Here are a few close up images of the landscape quilting:
This one addresses the "Ghost" quilting that I mentioned in the video
 Of course I quilted both Susybee's the same as we had before. Pebbles on the flight path and a slight echo around everything.

The landscape Susybee was a bit of a challenge.
My stitches were a little small and the quilting area was TINY.

Feel free to make bigger pebbles here - you don't have to pebble every
flight path dot.

Remember though - no stressing - we're in learning mode.
 I also tried to follow the landscape lines in this area.  it worked out pretty well.
The Spring Green color was just right.
Next up:
Lets Talk Background motif ideas and a
ways to Test Drive the motif on your quilt top.
Click the image below to watch the video:
I used my nifty Dritz Longarm Transparent Quilting roll to "test drive" a motif.

I love being able to "test drive"
a motif on the quilt top.

Unfortunately, I could not longer find the product on the market.

In its absence though you could try one of these alternatives:
Clear Vinyl Sheets
Plexi Glass
Be sure to use a dry erase marker so you can try a variety of designs.

If you decide to go with Windy Swirls on your Quilt top, use the images below for a guide in placing them.

NOTE:  Now that my quilting is complete -- I have a few "things to consider" before your quilt your "windy swirls"

It may be easier to quilt a nice looking "windy swirl" by making them short and keeping a nice curve along the way.

Also -- consider stitching your Windy Swirl echos further apart.

I made mine a little tight and, if I were to do it again, I would make the echos a little further apart to use up a bit more of the background fabric.

Does this make sense ?

The last video of this lesson shows you how I quilted the
"Windy Swirls"

See disclaimers above on length and echo width for your Windy Swirls.
Here are still images to help you consider placement for your Windy Swirls.

As I mention in the video, use an air or water soluble pen to mark a windy swirl guide line on the fabric.  No need to mark each line in a Windy Swirl - just one should do the trick.
Also -- it's only a guide, don't let it control you.

My positioning for the Bottom left panel area:
Middle right:
Top left:
Top right:
And finally -- I also used my FMQ foot and the Aurifil #4241 Very Dark Grey to stitch the growth chart lines up the left side of the panel.
And here's a view of the top of the panel:
I am just LOVING the way this panel is finishing.
I must admit though, it's hard for me to NOT quilt every open space.
I tend to quilt very dense on my home machine.  It's quite a hard habit to break.

For the purpose of our QAL and our Growth Chart though, there is no need to do dense quilting in the background.   

I hope you're enjoying our progress. 
I sure am!


The next lesson will cover the two outside border fabrics.
I'll add in a short tutorial on the hanging sleeve and binding and we'll be all set.

Are you excited ? 
How is your quilting coming along ?
Be sure to leave me a comment on the blog,  any YouTube Video, or over on Facebook. 
I would love to see your progress and hear your woes (if you have them).

Happy Quilting!

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