Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - Winter Apple

What an awesome few days it's been since my Family Tree Quilted Pillow was published on the Moda Bake Shop -- I really couldn't be more honored!

It's so much fun to see how quilters react, what they like, what catches their eye, and what is meaningful to them.  I want to thank everyone for your "Oh so kind" comments!  Thank you, thank you !

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Now back to Work in Progress Wednesday -- do you remember this little gem?
"Winter Apple" by BlackBird Designs...   Read more about Winter Apple here.
Winter Apple Stitching Last Pomegranate - 8/30/13
I started this Needle Turn applique a v-e-r-y long time ago and was thrilled when I finished the flimsy mid-September.

It's been laying around on a spare bed, layered with Hobbs Heirloom Premium Wool Batting and a pretty little Primitive Gatherings backing for more than a month now.  I guess I was a little busy with a fun tutorial ; )

Winter Apple Flimsy -  9/18/13
I'm happy to report that I found about 8 hours this past weekend and was successful in basting and quilting the Winter Apple background.  Woohoo !!

Sure hope ya'll aren't getting bored with Karen Miller's "McTavishing"; it had been my plan all along to McTavish this little piece.   I'm pretty happy with how it is turning out. 

I started in typical Free Motion Style with my darning foot on, feed dogs dropped and a Queen Supreme Slider on bed of my machine. I stitched in the ditch around the outside all of the applique before doing any background quilting.

Stitching the applique ditch 10/27/13
 I regret to say that I did NOT use Aurifil thread on this piece and I'm kicking myself for that. It's hard to see in these shots but the quilting thread I used was just too heavy and didn't lay down as nice as the Aurifil.
A Lesson Learned and Noted...

More to do: You can see that I've yet to do any stitching on the applique -- It hurts to think about... I'm having a hard time bringing myself to stitch on it -- I will, one day soon, stitch in the ditch of the inside applique layers and then stitch an inside echo stitch on the applique as well.  That's my plan !  (Convincing myself).  Thanks Debbie and Bonnie for sending pictures of your completed Winter Apples.

Before I do anything else though -- I guess I should fix this little boo-boo. 

Ooops...  better get the ripper out!
 More lessons learned:   Take your time, check your backing fabric, and don't stitch after 11pm ;)

I hope you enjoyed my progress today -- I'm still having fun !!

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Have a wonderful day! 



  1. Thanks for the link to my No-Reply Blogger post.

  2. Oh my, this is gorgeous. Love the colours! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really pretty quilting on that appliqué top! It will look wonderful when you get courageous to quilt in the ditch of the appliqué pieces - honest!

    Congratulations too on your bakeshop pattern. That's really exciting.

  4. oh, my goodness! that is gorgeous!

  5. Was that quilting done on a regular machine (not a longarm?)? Can I ask where you learned your quilting? And do you have tips for someone who has not ventured in that area? I have done lots of quilting on my machine but it's mostly freehand and not nearly this lovely.

  6. Lovely quilt! I adore almost any pattern with pomegranites!!

  7. This is stunning and I loved reading about your quilting process. I'd just love to be able to fmq like that!

  8. Very detailed quilting. The quilt is beautiful.

  9. Found you on Moda Bakeshop. Just had to comment that my name is Karen Miller, also.

  10. Oh my gosh! Yes, I've done that, too, quilting the flap of the backing down. What a pain to pick out! Your quilt is so pretty, though. :)

  11. Looks beautiful Karen and yep.....been there, done that.....have fun unpicking :)

  12. Who can tire of McTavishing. It makes a fabulous filler/background pattern. Yours looks great.

  13. Your quilting is absolutely amazing! and I've had that happen with my backing before. I must say that you're handling it much better than I did though, haha!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  14. Quilt and quilting beautiful and nice to see I am not the only one who makes boo boos like that.