Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Penny Garland Revised

Hi everyone!   I'm excited to be a first time participant in the "Blogger's Quilt Festival".

Many thanks to Amy at Amy's Creative Side for organizing this semi-annual event.  The festival is a place to share your creations with the blogging community.  There are some awesome inspirational posts out there so please jump over to Amy's site and scroll through the multiple categories of quilt related posts!!  

11/1 Update:  Voting is open -- you can see all the Applique Quilt entries here and vote for your favorite by clicking the heart in the upper right hand corner of the image. 


In the "Favorite Applique Quilt" category I want to share "Penny Garland Revised".    Penny Garland Revised is a wool / cotton hand stitched applique piece that was quilted on my domestic sewing machine.  The batting is Hobbs Tuscany Wool.

The original "Penny Garland" was designed and taught by Kim Diehl at a not so LQS.   I had the opportunity to attend this class with my friends Debbie and Bonnie -- we had so much fun!

Kim shared her wool applique techniques and the pattern for Penny Garland.

Holding true to form, I revised the layout of "Penny Garland" and I did not fuse the wool to the cotton.    I'm not one to use glue or fuse if I can avoid it.

A Clover bias tape maker was used to create the cotton fabric stem.  It was hand stitched down with an invisible applique stitch.

Each outside penny has two layers and is hand stitched with Valdani Pearl Cotton thread using an Overhand or Whip Stitch.  If there is any threat of the wool fraying, then a Blanket Stitch is perfect to use too.

Here is a picture of the back side of the applique - showing the Overhand / Whip Stitch.

The FUN part of taking a wool applique class with friends is that you can mix and match your wools!  Allows for a great scrappy look.

Most of the wools were hand dyed, and were purchased from a Local Shop, Liberty Cottage in Canandaigua, NY.  Sue has such beautiful wools -- it's heaven to visit her shop.

I love Valdani thread for wool applique.

Quilting this piece was fun too!   I've taken online quilting courses and scoured the blogs of Wendy Sheppard, Angela Walters and Leah Day amongst others.  Check out the wealth of information these ladies share.

An inside lighting view of Penny Garland Revised:

A view of the back - love to see the quilting from the backside!
Penny Garland Revised Quilt Back

Mr. Redbird enjoying a fall day by the lake on Penny Garland Revised.

If you would like to see more of my Wool Applique click here!

Oops I was suppose to include:

Title: Penny Garland Revised
Made by:  Karen Miller
Size: 29" x 29"
Division: Applique Quilt
Inspired by: Kim Diehl's Penny Garland

Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful day,


  1. Okay that final picture made my day!!!! Your finish is beautiful!!!! I love wool and am always inspired by your work!

    1. ...and agree, that looking at the quilting from the back side is sooo rewarding!!! Love seeing this one again!!!

  2. Absolutely fantastic. Love the colors, the textures, the pattern and the quilting. A total package.

  3. Your penny garland and cardinal are gorgeous! I love all that colour and the lake photo is spectacular!

  4. Gorgeous work and the cardinal is just too sweet....:)

  5. Beautiful work. Great colors and quilting.

  6. gorgeous! the only time I fuse wool is when it is a bit more ravelry than some others I might use.

  7. There are so many wonderful things about this quilt I can't name them all. The colors are fabulous; the quilting around the center circles is spectacular; the stitches on the applique is perfect; and the double layer of arches around the edge is charming. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Fabulous quilt - love the colours and spectacular quilting!

  9. I really love this.Beautiful pattern and great selection of woolly pieces. And the quilting is wonderful too.

  10. Lovely. That dense quilting is beautiful!

  11. i love penny going to try it soon

  12. i just love this quilt!! the revised photos show it off even more. keep up the great work Karen!!!!

  13. The wool fabrics you have chosen make this so vibrant I could look at it all day. I like the way you have quilted it too.

  14. Oh my what a beautiful piece of work! Will you use it as a table rug?

    Lovely colors and quilting, a real winner!

    Happy Sewing and good luck

  15. Beautiful work! I also love Mr. Redbird too, he's wonderful.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  16. Wow, wow wow, nothing is more beautiful than wool anyway, but this one is over the top! Fabulous!

  17. Just discovered your blog love the table topper. Is the pattern available for sale anywhere. I would love to make one.

  18. Wow I see what you mean about loving the back! The whole piece is great.