Monday, March 18, 2019

2019 Free Motion QAL Part 9: Narrow Sashing Swirls

Greetings !
Welcome to Part 9 of the 
2019 Free Motion Quilt Along
This week we're stitching the Narrow Sashing Areas...

I so enjoy spending time with
you and Lewe

I've also been having a blast stitching with my long term mentor and friend Wendy Sheppard.

Isn't Wendy's book amazing?
Have I mentioned I have a signed copy?
Yep - feeling blessed.  

This week was pretty exciting -- A big box of batting arrived from Quilter's Dream Batting for our QAL random giveaway!
Thank you Quilter's Dream...

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Now -- on to the specifics for this week.

As I investigated the remaining areas of the quilt I decided that I'd like to take advantage of the narrow sashing area for a small repeatable filler.

Wendy has some neat swirl designs in her book on Page 34 "Swirls" and on Page 38 "Swirly Vine" and again on Page 46 "Jester's Hat".

I took a combination of these swirls and stitched out a straight-line variation of a design I refer to as
"Wild Goose Chase". 

You can see an allover background stitched with "Wild Goose Chase" in this free video tutorial for: 

For the narrow sashing I followed this straight line stitching plan: 

Swirl Opposite Direction

Don't be afraid to sneak around as necessary to stitch around and between all the panels.
It makes a beautiful framed accent.
I stitched the black dash area first (backtracking as necessary).

That allowed me to stitch around the entire outside area (red) in one continuous stitching path.
Of course when my needle is down I don't hesitate to twist my sandwich around so I have less quilt top to the right of my needle.  
PS -- I'm saving the remaining blue space for another design.

For consistency -- I continued with a 40wt Aurifil color #2024.
Here's a closeup:
Narrow inside sashing is complete here:
It may be helpful to mark a 3/4" or 1" line around the outside border of the panel (red lines above) before you stitch that space.  

Reference marks allow you to keep the design about the same size on the inside and outside areas.

This would be a perfect spot to use your Hera Marker to score the line...
Alternatively -- chose another marking tool to make your reference marks.
Sharing images of the corner transition below.
I started to the right edge...
(not much of a swirl is it?) 
and almost immediately went upward.
Do you see how easy it is to transition though?
This design allows you to change direction with ease.
Here's another example of a corner transition.
Backtrack or "Sneak Around" as necessary.
Gosh I love that texture !! 
More transition details...
And again...
This panel is so darn cute!
A counting sheep moment ;) 
Cliff recorded a short video of my stitching a bit of the design. 

Watch the video by clicking on the image below:
Was that helpful ?

Love the frame!
Speaking of counting... 
I choose to NOT worry about having the same number of swirls to the left and right of any space.  Just stitch them out ;) 
SO here we are -- the panel is nearly complete!

I'm so excited.

If you're just joining in the fun... 

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Next week we were scheduled to cover the outside border... but in reality we've decided to SPRING BREAK with everyone else... so we'll pickup the last 2 lessons beginning on April 1st.

April 1:  Outside Border
April 8:  Binding, Labeling, Hanging if applicable

I can't wait to see what Wendy quilted.
You can jump over to Wendy's Blog <== here.

If you have any questions, please leave them below -- I'll respond as soon as I can.

Happy Stitching!


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  1. WOW!! this is turning out amazing and beautiful, karen.
    I love that swirl and how it switches to easily to the other way. This is really fun. I wish so much that I had the time to join in

  2. So happy next week will be "catch up" as had company this week and am behind a week!! I love this!

  3. Karen this is so cute- love the swirls!

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