Saturday, February 27, 2016

2016 Free Motion Quilt Along - Part V More FMQ!

Greetings fellow quilters!
Welcome to Part V of the
2016 Redbird Quilt Co.
Free Motion Quilt Along
using the whimsical 
Lewe's Balloons Growth Chart
by Susy Bleasby
for World of Susybee
Let's Keep on Quilting!

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This week you're invited to watch 2 YouTube videos that cover
  • A little more about clouds -- and a marking exercise
  • FMQ a couple of the balloons with a Swirly "V" and Echo Stitching
Note: when watching the videos be sure to view on a device that allows you to see the embedded annotations.  There is a lot of useful information included via annotation.

Before we get into the Part V video series here is an image of the upper right hand corner Bee once quilted.  I used the same plan as outlined in Part IV:
Aurifil 50Wt thread #2600 Dove
Free Motion pebbles along the flying path
Echo Stitching around everything to create movement
I LOVE the way it finishes!!

Now let's get started with the Part V video series:

Note:  Woohoo!!
We're up to 10 videos so far in the 2016 FMQ Along!
Be sure to watch the 8 prior videos before taking this lesson.
Each new one builds upon skills learned in previous videos.
See the entire list of videos here.

FMQ Motif Quilting - Another Cloud

In this video I share some marking and stitching options for quilting another cloud.
Click the image below to watch the YouTube video.

Here are some completed images from this session:
Cloud #3 Quilted:

FMQ Motif Quilting - Swirly "V" and Echo Balloon Quilting

In this video I share a simple Swirly "V" motif and repeat some echo quilting on the balloons.

I must give credit to my friend Wendy Sheppard for inspiring the Swirly V's motif.

I learned this sweet motif from Wendy's tutorials and her online Annie's course.

Visit Wendy, read more about her free FMQ tutorials, Thread Talk, and review her informative and inspiring Annie's Online Courses here.

Click the image below for the Swirly "V" motif tutorial:
Here are a few still images from this lesson:

Before quilting the balloons I changed thread color
from Aurifil 50Wt #2600 Dove
to Aurifil 50Wt #1231 Spring Green
for the top and bobbin thread.
I love the way the balloon and bee quilted!
This balloon was simple and fun -- the whimsical approach worked perfectly!
Showing the "jump" results before the threads are trimmed.

How is your FMQ coming along?  

Do you have any questions ~ need input for troubleshooting ?

I would love to see your progress!
Email (below) or hop on over to one of the Facebook pages with an update.

Thanks for stopping by and for joining us for the 2016 FMQ Along!

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