Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Work in Progress -- Applique and a Tutorial

Well it's been a whirlwind 7 days -- dress shopping with my lovely granddaughters, wing nite with my sister and friends, glass blowing with my in-laws and then... the dreaded cold snuck up on me...  Barely able to function the last few days and I'm so upset as I will miss my Quilting the Garden class tonight :(   It's best though, that I don't go places and get other people sick....  So I'll stay home and rest (but it breaks my heart - miss you Debbie, Janet and Bonnie).   I need to feel better soon as we leave for San Diego this weekend!  I'll share more about that later. 

In the meantime though, I have found a few minutes for some stitching...  First up, The Winter Bloom block.... what do you think about a little broderie perse bird where the star usually goes ?  I want to add the bird, just not sure where on the block to add him.
 And on the Autumn's Hurrah block the smaller leaf and the first black eyed Susan are basted and ready to be needle turned.   I LOVE the colors.   Shown below with the border that will be used once all 9 blocks are completed. I'm happy to see this block finally taking some shape.
Oh, I also have the little bud ready to needle turn...  I fussy cut the leaves for it... I love doing that.  There are plenty more smaller pieces to prepare for this block - I just haven't had the ambition the last few days.  Hope to get more ready so I can sew while flying.
Here is Alma's version of the block directly from Blackbird Designs "Quilting the Garden" book:
Alma and Barb did two separate versions of the quilt -- Barbs being done with darker background.  They are both beautiful but I'm partial to the lighter backgrounds.

I've also been working on a Needle Turn Applique Tutorial and Practice Sheet.  I hope to have my DH take pictures for me while we're traveling and post the tutorial in sections starting next week.

I'm calling the tutorial "Teardrops of Love" and it will as as a guide for those new to Needle Turn Applique.  There are two practice shapes (you can probably guess) to work on.   I'll go through the prep steps, my favorite supplies and some pictures of the process.  All the while making a small quilt that you can use as a wall-hanging or on a table top when you're done.   Stay tuned...
Some other fantastic news on the Applique front. Erin Russek from "One Piece At A Time" blog has teamed up with McCalls for a new Applique Quilt Along called: Fancy Flowers.   The Applique Quilt along includes 11 FREE episodes that share how to machine or needle turn applique and includes a vase & flower design that Erin made.  Click on the links above to learn more about it!!   Very exciting stuff as Erin is top of the line when it comes to applique!

Thanks for stopping by eveyone and have a blessed week!


  1. sorry to hear you have a cold. get better soon. lovely applique going on.

  2. Well you have been busy having a bit of fun and now poor you are down with a cold. Time for a hot toddy maybe.;) keep well looking forward to the needleturn tut.

  3. lovely applique! so many of us love it don't we. Karen

  4. Hope you are better.
    Awesome applique!!

  5. I love these flower baskets. They are really beautiful!

  6. I love seeing your applique...I am working on one that is for learning, as in I am trying glue, needle turn, freezer paper etc. Finally got a book, though...I think that will help.
    It's going to be far from perfect in the end but pretty, and I am having fun with it.

  7. So sorry to hear you are sick with a cold. Praying it will be of short duration. Lovely blocks you are showing!

  8. Your block is so beautiful!!
    I hope you are feeling better quickly.

  9. love your blocks so much! That little birdie will look cute wherever you decide to place him!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation