Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday -- You Decide !

Blue on the outside
I'm making this cute little table runner/wall hanging for a dear friend....  It's a surprise so I can't get her input -- but I know she LOVES blues and browns.

Simple, quick and fun to make from a  Bali Pop that I purchased (at a great price I must say) from my Local / Online Quilt Shop. 

I'm using a Anka's Treasures pattern from the booklet "On a Roll Again" -- there are some really great patterns in there!  I decided on the main (wide) border ... But I needed a little umph!!  What do you think?   It must be finished by the weekend !!

Blue on the inside
The borders will be applied to the long edge only, the finished piece will be 25 x 35.

Which border do you like the best ?   Blue on the outside(top), on the inside (above) or no blue at all (below)?
No Blue at all !

Thanks for stopping by - love to get your opinion !!



  1. Blue on the 'inside'.....a perfect "frame" for the center panel and the final border fabric is an awesome finish!!!! Super choices....she'll love it!

  2. I also agree with treadlemusic!!! the Blue on the inside. Looks GREAT! Love the colors you have chosen.. Karen in Arizona

  3. I third vote for the blue on the inside!! It's beautiful, Karen. Your friend will be thrilled!

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  5. You've probably finished this top, LOL, but I like it with blue on the inside. Welcome back to blog land.