Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday ?

Work in Progress On Wednesday (WOW) -- see Esther's Blog - I'm joining in the fun and offering up my WIP today !!   Also note that Esther is preparing to startup a new Mystery Block of the Month and it's going to be a beauty...!!

So... as I was going through the house taking pictures of my work in progress -- I started contemplating -- when does a work in progress become a UFO (unfinished object /project ?).   I guess if you're even contemplating this, it must be a sign that you've got too many things on your plate -- and therefore -- the goal should be to FINISH things...  (smile)...

So a quick run thru of the WIP that are "Out" (and not folded and put away somewhere--- humh -- maybe this is the distinction between WIP and UFO ?)   Anyone have an opinion ?

This is my "Valentine Pinkeep" that I'm making based on Renee Plains' (blog) "Winter's Harvest Pinkeep" pattern published in the Winter 2011 Primitive Quilts & Projects Magazine -- He's almost done -- just needs buttons to attach the wings, some eyes and some anchoring -- I loved making it !!

Next Up -- and with much progress since last week is Kim Diehl's "Yesterday Remembered" Framed Wool/Cotton Vase.   I'm taking this class from my friend Debbie Wick  (see Debbie's blog here) - such a talented lady and oh such beautiful work!.  In the past week I completed all the hand stitching (except the handles on the Vase) and it will be ready for quilting and framing soon !!

Not to forget another project/class that I'm taking from Debbie -- BlackBird Design's "Winter Apple" Needle Turned Applique -- you can see the finished version of it on Debbie's Blog -- I have 3 of the 4 quadrants done! This piece is very special -- and beautiful when quilted.

OK, so two more projects are just waiting to be machine quilted -- I'm practicing and practicing on other items before I dive into quilting these two on my Bernina 240 !!  

First is a variation of Blackbird Design's "Winter Holly" from their "You're Invited" book.  I "whipped" this up with fusible (Heat-n-Bond Lite) (not like me at all), just to see how it would come out.  For pieces staying at my home, I probably wouldn't do that again... but it was an experience to be had.

Next is a little table topper made from Charm Squares -- this is Moda's "Park Avenue" by 3 Sisters...  I bought this charm pack on sale at another lovely QS (Sew Piecefull - Campbell, NY).  Added the two borders and now I just need to machine quilt it. As you can see - it's already layered with batting and backing !!

I am probably being too fussy about my machine quilting skills and I should just pick it up and do it... but I just feel as I'm not quite there yet....   I'll get there... (right ??)

Last, ( but certainly not least) -- is my very first needle turned applique project.  The design/pattern  "Dancing Flowers" is an original by Sharon Stroud a wonderfully skilled instructor, designer, and friend who lives nearby.  The project was taught as a two day retreat at another local QS (O'Susannah's - Watkins Glen NY).  Sharon does a wonderful job of teaching needle turned applique -- and used some great tools to make the ruched flowers a "piece of cake"....   I have yet to border, baste and hand quilt this little darling -- it is by far (so far), my favorite needle turned applique piece.

OK - best get my "work" day started so I can spend my evening finishing projects !!

Thanks for stopping by -- comments always appreciated !!
-- Karen


  1. I love all your projects, Karen, but by far my favorite is that Dancing Flowers needle turn block. Simply gorgeous!

  2. Oh Karen thanks for putting your link up, I did enjoy today's page, lots of laughs as it is soooo me too. I was just saying to some one I have several hand projects be side my chair and how many does several cover it has to be more than 12 for me!!!!! Love your work and that wee Valentine Pinkeep is a must. You use gorgeous fabrics and colours, Cheers Glenda

  3. Hi, Karen! How exciting that you have a blog! Yippee!!!! Your work on Dancing Flowers was fabulous and your other projects are wonderful as well. Sorry to hear about Chief--but our animals live on in our hearts forever. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for sharing.

  4. I totally love all your projects. Your work is excellent. I just don't even bother with the name 'WIP.' I just immediately call all mine UFOs......giggle.

  5. Love your projects,they are gorgeous!

  6. Love the pincushion! What a difference that thread color made!
    Congratulations on finishing so soon the Yesterday Remembered!
    Looks really nice! Your granddaughters did marvelous work!
    They are so sweet! And tell Jenna that she is an applique artist!

  7. You're still working and yet you found the time to work on all this? Oy vey... I'm feeling like such a slacker right now! :)

    All of your WIPs are wonderful ~ from the fabric and color choices to your beautiful stitching. Your work is beautiful. (I love the birds in the blog header too.)

  8. Really liked your projects! the pun cushion is great!!

  9. Oh, the projects you do are spectacular. I like the pin keep. Also, had to tell you that Jan at Sew and Sow Farm had us visit one of her followers. I do follow your blog, but haven't visited in 2 weeks due to prior commitments. Have to get back to looking at all you are working on.