Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Wristlet Purse Practice and Lessons Learned

DGD Angelina's birthday is coming up this week -- when asked what she would like for her birthday she says "A little purse Gramma -- one that sparkles and is pretty -- with flowers!"

Well... here are the results of my trial runs at working with zippers and making small purses with a wrist band vs a shoulder handle.

The batik was my first trial -- and the bird pattern my 2nd attempt.   I'm learning:

1.  You CAN sew the fabric too close to the opening / closing of the zipper (ouch -- this makes it harder to open and close - duh !)

2.  You should angle the placement of the wrist band so that when the piece is finished, it angles up toward the zipper opening (for less wear and tear on the wrist band).

3.  You can sew over those poly/nylon zippers without breaking a needle (YAY!)

4.  It doesn't matter if the zipper is invisible or not -- not for this piece.

Next up - making some trial run flowers and purchasing some satin for "The Real Thing".  Birthday party for Angie is a week from today!

Many thanks to SecretLifeOfABioNerd for her YouTube Tutorial -- I made revisions to her design but her Tutorial Inspired me !!  Thank You!

On the sideline is my Pumpkin Table Topper and my Kim Diehl "Penny Garland" piece -- I have yet to share with you that I attended a Trunk Show and Class with Kim Diehl -- I'm hooked !!

Karen's Start at Penny Garland
Here is my start on her pattern -- placing wool pennies on a cotton backing with a cotton vine.

The picture below is Kim's finished piece -- as you can see -- mine will be slightly different with a "touch of Karen" included (special thanks to my sissa Michele for her feedback and design insights -- Love You!)

Kim Diehl Pattern - "Penny Garland"
Happy Days

Have a blessed week !



PS -- I've finished Angelina's "Sparkly Little Purse with Flowers" 

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  1. Angie is going to have a sweet little purse, I can tell. Love the garland, look forward to seeing more of that! I love Kim's designs.


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