Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Designs On The Go and Designer Etsuko Furuya

On the Road for work this week in Austin, TX and spending time with folks from 40 states and 8 countries!  It's an eye opening and learning event and Austin is quite a city!

While I'm locked up inside the Austin Hilton  most of the day -- we have managed to get out and about a bit.

We visited a local fabric shop (darling place) and found the most fabulous cotton/linen fabric by Designer Etsuko Furuya -- called "Echino"for Kokka.  Oh My!  When I saw this fabric I almost flipped... it is so beautiful (and a bit pricey).   I did manage to convince myself to buy "A little"....  I'm glad I did! 

The remainder of our "out and about" time I just let my mind / eye see designs in the landscape.  Here are some of the beautiful "things" that made me think of designs for quilts or fabrics.  Check out these photos -- Let your imagination flow -- these inspire me -- how about you ?

Can't you just see a "house" quilt ?

A wall mural gone whole cloth ? Beautiful!

Floor inlay at the Austin Hilton - more quilting ?

The "Frost" ? Building downtown Austin - Ideas ?

12th floor Carpet -- Austin Hilton

12th floor Carpet - Austin Hilton - definately an applique!
Going to link up with Connie and others this week -- Share the fun -- go check out the beautiful posts!
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  1. Yup, just have to keep our eyes wide open!! That fabric is truly amazing!!!

  2. Beautiful fabric. Lot of quilty possibilities in your images.

  3. What neat fabric and looks like a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. great fabric! do you have any plans for it?