Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Work in Progress -- and Lots of It !

Hi all -- it's another Work in Progress day here at home -- I'm looking around and seeing all sorts of things that are "In Progress" - some have higher priorities than others (don't we all know that!).

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My Quilting the Garden blocks are moving along -- albeit a bit slowly.

You can read/see more about my long awaited Quilting the Garden journey here.

I just LOVE this quilt -- my friend Debbie has it done and it's a knock out finish -- absolutely stunning!  She is guiding a few of us through the process now - I'm so thrilled to finally be making it! 
Quilting the Garden -- Winter Bloom
In the last week I managed to get the holly pieces on the Winter Bloom block.
Progress -- added holly!
More holly

I promise to share more about Needle Turn Applique this month -- stay tuned for some tips and process.

I also started the 2nd Quilting the Garden block - Autumn's Hurrah (Block 8 in the book).  It uses the same vase as Winter's Bloom -- so when I prepared Winter Bloom I made the vase from template plastic to reuse it. 

I start the block by placing and basting the vase down.  Then I make a clear plastic overlay and with a dry erase pen I  mark all the stem locations on the overlay - this helps me place the vines and get them tucked under the top of the vase as necessary before I do my sewing.  

Quilting the Garden - Autumn's Hurrah - In Progress
There are more than 70! - Yes 70! stems in the 9 Quilting the Garden blocks -- I decided to incorporate some efficiency techniques this weekend and made a bunch of bias tape stems -- I bet I have 25 or more of varying fabric ready to go !  Yippee!

I'm a firm believer in basting things down -- sometimes (when I'm feeling lazy) I use applique pins to baste - but on large pieces or LONG pieces the pins really detract from my getting in the stitchin' groove!!   Nothing I dislike more than stopping to get my threads untangled from a pin head.  So, I take the time and baste.
Marked and basted for needle turn
I also avoid glue (if I can).... some would glue baste their pieces down... it's certainly an option.
All stitched - now to remove the basting threads
Here is an image of both blocks as they stand now -- Winter Bloom is still missing some stars ( and a bird I would say -- wouldn't you ?)

I also have my Winter Apple applique -- still in need of quilting the applique (and picking the back out :(

I've also got this little gem to work on -- a mock-up design for something I will share with you in the future...

Coming soon!
Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Wow. This block is beautiful.

  2. Stunningly beautiful block!!! Thanks for your tutorial - I really need to buckle down and try this.

  3. It is so neat seeng this project grow! It is going to be so lovely!!

  4. Really neat and beautiful! I look forward to hearing more about the needle turn applique.

  5. Just beautiful, lovely fabrics.

    Cheers Pauline

  6. Love this pattern - is it blackbird designs? Your fabric choices are great too!

  7. How pretty! You are using my favorite quilt colors here. Looking forward to seeing it all finished.

  8. Your applique is so elegant and neat. Sigh.

  9. That block looks awesome! I appreciate you stopping by - I always love hearing from you.


  10. What a beautiful vase and flower applique block. It is gorgeous!

  11. this is a really beautiful block Karen! Something about the holly leaves and berries looks very delicate.

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  12. Hi, Karen - how nice to see your Quilting the Garden work at BOMs Away. :) These blocks are really lovely - I always appreciate the effort of needle-turned applique. It's so elegant and finished, don't you think? Love your fabrics,

  13. Simply stunning! Your work is so admirable!

  14. Wow....such a gorgeous block. Your work is excellent!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing your process, it's a beautiful quilt in progress and you are obviously talented! Thanks for linking up :)

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