Saturday, November 16, 2013

On the Road Again!

Well here I am in SanDiego, California!

Leaving early morning has its advantages...
The commuter flight from Binghamton, NY to Washington Dulles Airport was mostly uneventful.  I had a chance to see a live concentric circle quilting design over the sunrise!
 My husband made the flight from Dulles to SanDiego interesting by bringing his GPS along!  How cool is this?  I finished this Needle Turn leaf somewhere between West Virginia and Ohio!  Hello down there Deb Strain, Debbie Wicks family and the lovely ladies from Sauder Village!  
It was really cool to see the air speed And the elevation.  I'm always looking out the window and wondering where we are... The GPS had all the answers!
I've been fortunate to see many beautiful parts of California but this is my first time to SanDiego.  I'm excited to visit the Zoo, Coronado, Cafe Coyote, and make a trip to Roses Calico Cupboard (fingers crossed).

Check out the Pet Facilities at the airport!  Can you imagine?
Because I've been a bit under the weather we took it easy the first day here.  We strolled to a nearby shopping area to pick up some essentials...  I was in awe of this tree along he path to the market...
And this is the somewhat drizzly view from our room looking toward downtown SanDiego.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

If you live in California or have visited and have other recommendations send them along!  I would love to hear your experiences!  I'm here for a conference but it doesn't start until Monday evening...  Until then were just tourists.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. I never thought about bringing a GPS! What a great idea. It looks like it was a lovely day for flying. Have a great time.

  2. The Country Loft is always a favourite stop when I go to San Diego along with a visit to the Zoo.

    If you like Italian food check out Fillipi's Pizzza Grotto, I love their pasta dishes.

    The Hotel Del Coronado is another lovely destination to check out. Enjoy your visit and time off the west coast.

  3. Wow beautiful photos! The GPS is a great idea, I am geographically challenged and never know where I am! Have a great time being a tourist!!!

  4. If you are in San Diego then you MUST go to The Country Loft, The Fat Quarter Shop, The Grand Country Quilter and Rosie's Calico Cupboard!! Loved them all!

  5. Love San Diego! I bet you have a blast. Hope the weather improves for you. Hotel Del is a must see. If you have timetake a drive to La Jolla and spend some time in the shops

  6. My suggestions are The Country Loft, Mission Beach, and La Jolla Cove to see the sea lions. Have a great time!

  7. I did enjoy the tour and the pet facilities...oh MY ! :) Fun post :)

  8. The GPS is a great idea and one that wouldn't have been possible until a few weeks ago when the rules became more lenient regarding electronic devices (DH pointed this out to me). Enjoy!!!!!!!


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