Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quilting the Garden and Some Good Finds!

Wool is my friend... But there is nothing like having time to work with your favorite cotton fabrics doing needle turn appliqué...
My Quilting The Garden Winter Bloom block is nearly done.  It's missing three stars and a few holly.  Joy! Joy!  

Oh and look at the deals I found at the Salvation Army today !  
Give me a few days to turn these into a treat! 
Enjoyed a beautiful sunset on my way home tonight....
Life is good!

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Have a wonderful day all!



  1. I can't imagine what you have planned for those sweater sleeves...I know I can't wait to see :)

  2. Hey, your flower applique is very pretty :)

  3. Hi Karen, beautiful applique and like shelley I too am wondering what you have planned for those sweaters, nice colours anyway.
    Wilma / LE Willempje

  4. Your block is beautiful.. I love hand turned applique. Can't wait to see what you do with the sweaters.

  5. Hi Karen I did not realise you were a recycler too, I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with those woollen garments you have just brought????? Is the merino wool one soft or hard?????? I have found that many of the ones made in China are not soft any more????? Love how your Garden block has turned out you must be happy with it and thanks for sharing your beautiful sunset. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  6. a lovely applique block, your work is wonderful~!
    i'm visiting from A Quilting Reader's Garden - Applique Tuesday. i'm joining in a bit late but am having a great time seeing the beautiful work within the links.

    gorgeous sunset~!


  7. this block is really nice!! love the fabric choice

  8. Oh boy are you gonna felt the wool sweaters? I just used a pink felted sweater and a recycled wool skirt to make my granddaughter a little tooth fairy pillow in the shape of a teddy bear, Too fun.
    Your applique block is lovely, your color usage is perfect.

    Happy Sewing

  9. What a lovely block!!! Happy feather quilting - please let me know if I could be of any assistance. I can't promise miracles, but I will do what I can to help. :)

  10. Those 2nd hand treasures have to be felted, right? I'm going to go check our local gently used shops!

  11. I love how you matched the colors of the sweaters to the colors of the sunset. Perfect! I started following your blog. I'm looking forward to learning from you.


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