Thursday, January 9, 2020

FMQ on a Featherweight with 28wt Aurifil

I'm psyched about Free Motion Quilting
on a Featherweight 221!
Have you tried it?
I used two of my favorite Aurifil
threads --  28wt and 50wt !
I'm sharing details on a
guest post for Aurifil's
Thread Matters 2020 - The Aurifilosopher Series

Stay tuned for my post
to be published on Friday Jan 10th.
I detail my learning adventure, tips, tricks and tools.
There's a Giveaway too!!
It's open through end of day
Monday January 13th, 2020

You'll want to click on the Rafflecopter
link at the end of the blog post and follow
the outlined steps to enter !!

For my mini whole-cloth stitched on the
I used a red Moda Linen
layered with Quilters Dream Wool.
I did a little pin basting and made
some "improvements" to my Featherweight
(thanks Featherweight Shop)
and I was ready to go!.

I stitched the curled feather and one round of echo quilting with Aurifil 28wt on top
with 50wt in the bobbin.
(with the January Milan yummy Color Builder colors... )
I switched to lovely February Pompeii red Color Builder colors in 50wt top and bobbin for subsequent echo quilting.
You can NEVER have enough color options!!
This is exactly why the new Color Builder subscription program is the best.
Learn more here - and be sure to check with your favorite quilt shop to get started!!
I love, love, love working on the Featherweight
with Aurifil thread and
all those amazing tools from The Featherweight Shop!
(read all about them in the Auribuzz Blog Post).
Stay tuned though as I have a new idea planned for my next project on the Featherweight.

I can't wait for this new learning adventure to begin !!
If you loved what I shared on the Aurifil Thread Matters post be sure to leave a comment there or on my blog to let me know.

Also -- I'd love for you to share the posts with your Featherweight Friends - they'll thank you!

I appreciate the feedback.
All my best,


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  1. Yes, I loved the post on Aurifil Thread Matters! Your stitching turned out just beautiful. I named my new FW baby Ruby Pauline - after my grandmother. I haven't tried FMQ on it yet. I absolutely love the Featherweight Shop, too. That oiling video is priceless.

    1. Judy -- this is so fun. I love how you named your FW... My thinking cap is on for He Who Has Yet To Be Named... thanks for all your sweet feedback.

  2. I haven't quilted with my Featherweight. I'm a bit leary but maybe now I'll give it ago someday. My 1948 is Betty Lou, named after my beloved Aunt that loved her Singer (not a FW). She was a Christmas gift to myself a couple years ago and I quickly discovered The Featherweight Shop on FB. I ordered a new pedal, LED lamp, grease and a button hole attachment. I love the button hole gadget because it's easier to use than the one on my modern Pfaff. Thanks

    1. I love that you named her Betty Lou Sandra -- thanks for sharing that story with us. I LOVE the Featherweight Shop too -- they are amazing there. Thanks for writing.

  3. Just beginning to learn FMQ on my Featherweight. Enjoy your teachings Thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sew Happy !! I plan to share as I go -- let's learn together <3

  4. My Featherweight is a 1950 and I don't have access to it right now and don't remember if it has a number. I have wondered if it would be possible to quilt with it and I would really like to. I will check out your post tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Thank you Ruth -- I hope you had a chance to get out to the Auribuzz blog and get in on all the Giveaways ! Do reach out when you have time to play - - and stay tuned as I share my future adventures with the Featherweight.

  5. Il mio peso piuma è del 1962 e l'ho chiamata Bianchina....ho ordinato alcuni piedini ed accessori ma ultimamente sto cucendo poco e non ho provato ancora a trapuntare. Lo farò e starò attenta ai tuoi suggerimenti. Grazie

    1. Silvana -- you are very welcome. Thank you for commenting. Grazie...

  6. Well that's what I call perfect timing. Have been piecing and making a laptop cover for my husband in Civil War prints that he chose a long time ago. It is small enough to quilt on a small machine, so now I know my little 1937 (I forget, I have a few 1930s babes), Molly after her owner can do it. I will have a practice first though. I already have a foot for quilting on vintage Singers.
    I live in the UK and the Featherweight Shop is brilliant and will post overseas - when my order arrived, it was all packaged very nicely and prettily!

    1. Kerry this is fantastic news. I'd love to see your little quilt - it sounds like a perfect gift for your husband. Be sure to give Molly some good maintenance before you start and don't stitch too long without letting her cool down. I'm also thrilled you already know The Featherweight Shop - aren't they amazing ? Thanks so much for writing.

    2. Molly has just come back from the sewing machine maintenance guys, so we are good to go, and as we moved recently, the new guys seem to be so much better than the previous place - foot pedal also sorted, so much more confident using them. I have the machine oil close to hand! And thank you for the inspiration! :D

  7. Have you ever read the poem The Touch of The Masters Hand? That's the magic you gave to the Featherweight! Great job!

    1. Awww Joceyln -- I just read the Poem. That is the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me. Thank you for your kind words and for enlightening me to such a beautiful and thoughtful Poem. Blessings to you!!

  8. Will you be doing a program/workshop on machine quilting with a Featherweight? I have the same tea mug too---I love it!

  9. Do you have the pdf file that accompanies the tutorial on your valentine that was on the Bakeshop? I've looked for it--found the printable version--but no heart. Thank you