Saturday, June 1, 2019

2019 FMQ Along: Celebration and Winners!

Many thanks to those that participated in the 2019 Mystery Free Motion Quilt Along! 

Wendy and I had a blast watching you learn and grow throughout the process.

It's fun AND so very rewarding to observe while you choose your threads and motif's and show marked improvement throughout the quilting process.

By the deadline we'd received 26 entries for the Giveaway.   The random drawing of entries has been completed and we're excited to announce the winners.

But first  -- we would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us. 
Your work and progress was amazing.   

Here's an image or 2 of each entry (in no particular order). 

These put a BIG SMILE on our faces -- thank you all !

Kathleen R. -- quilted on her new longarm.

Deb B.

Judy F

Mary G.

Margie H.

Heather S.

Janice K -- delayed due to new twin grandbabies!

Jane S.

Judy C.

MaryJean B.

Donna C.

Lori R.

Jocelyn (on a newly made table runner)

Colleen L.

Joan V.

Andrea R.

Judy S.

Julie F.

Julie L.

MaryJane C.

Deb W.

Patti H.

Nancy K.

Lori M.

Denise P.

Bert G.

Thank you all again for your amazing quilting and so much creativity. 

Everyone did fantastic.  

We hope you enjoyed the event.

AND NOW FOR The Winners!!

Many thanks to all our sponsors for supporting the QAL.

Winners -- please email me your full name and non PO box mailing address so we can get  your prize shipped out right away!

Thanks again.
Karen & Wendy


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  1. How fun!! They all look wonderful!! I am trying to learn FMQ and it is HARD!! Congrats to everyone for their incredible work!!

  2. I am completely astounded by the results of this sew along. Goodness, everyone did so very well, and such sweet enthusiastic teachers to guide everyone.
    Thank you so much for sharing your mad skills and encouragement

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