Saturday, May 17, 2014

Giveaway Day Winners!

Greetings everyone -- and welcome to the weekend!!

First -- many, many thanks for your sweet comments on the Blog and Facebook Giveaway Posts!  

I'm honored that ya'll stopped by, commented, and joined in the fun!  

(Well... maybe the Giveaway had *something* to do with it ;)...

Seriously -- thank you all for your sweet comments -- they warmed my heart.

Each winner will receive a "Spring Basket" pattern compliments of Redbird Quilt Co. 

The printed version of "Spring Basket" includes 4 pages of instructions including diagrams, 2 pages of applique shapes, 1 half moon template, and 1 placement diagram, in addition to the Cover and Materials pages.

Additionally, on the printed version, two extra pages are included that have the applique shapes pre-printed on freezer paper (so you can cut them out and get started right away!).  

The PDF version (available on my Craftsy pattern store here) includes a whopping 7 pages of instructions (with full color diagrams), along with the applique shapes, half-moon template, placement diagram, Cover and Materials page.   Not included in either pattern are the stitch diagrams for blanket, couch or french knot. 

I've started a Wool Applique Basics series here on the blog that will help you along with these stitches.  Also there are many, many references on the internet for these basic stitches.  

You can read a review of the "Spring Basket" pattern on Carrie's Blog -- many thanks to Carrie for being a pattern tester for me -- she did a wonderful job on her version of Spring Basket.

Spring Basket stitched and quilted by Carrie P:
And now for the winners:

On the blog I allowed the Rafflecopter to choose the random winner:

Margaret - Congratulations !   I've sent you an email with a PDF version of "Spring Basket" attached!  I hope you enjoy making this sweet pattern.

On Facebook I used the new Rafflecopter Facebook Flash Giveaway App to choose the winner:
Congratulations Jean!  I sent you a Private Message on Facebook and you have a choice of a Printed or PDF version of the "Spring Basket".  Drop me a line so I can get your pattern to you soon!!

Thanks again to Sew Mama Sew for hosting the generous Giveaway Day!!   

Also, a warm welcome to many, many new followers!! 

Have a wonderful weekend all.


  1. Congratulations all!!!!!!

  2. Yes, Congrats!!! And Karen...congrats to you too on your crafty progress and successes!!!

  3. Karen, started working on this pattern today. I did see that the pattern calls for 8 stems, but there are actually 9. Didn't know if you knew this already. Finally found the DMC floss to match the colors and will begin working on it this week.

  4. What fun- congrats to the winners! Always great to stop by and see what you're up to:)