Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oh Mr. Postman!

I couldn't be more excited about winning this LARGE box of "Family Tree" scraps from Deb Strain's (for Moda) recent Blog Giveaway at debstrain.blogspot.com.

Imagine my excitement when I opened the box and walaaaa!

"These are a few of my favorite things!" 

Red birds!


and more birds!  

I just couldn't contain myself.  Within minutes I had the fabric out of the box and sorted on the floor!

DH just shaking his head at me {wink}...

I even took a few minutes to sketch down a pillow design using the scraps - complete with quilting ideas!

Now I just need a few minutes of machine time to create!  Woohoo I can't wait!

No sewing today though ... It's off to work I go...  I normally work from home but I'm trekking to campus for some important meetings today...  (This is what pays the mortgage ;)

Thanks Deb Strain for the fantastic giveaway!

Have a great day all!



  1. Congrats on a fantastic win and I bet it was fun to open that package!!

    1. Loads of fun Connie! Can't wait to get started on those scraps. One of your famous strip quilts would look beautiful out of these fabrics and perfect fall colors! Thanks for stopping by...

  2. Congratulations,have fun playing with them!

    1. Thanks Rosa! I'm so excited to have won them... Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished pillow made up with that gorgeous fabric you won!

    1. Thanks Joanie! I've been having fun making pillows lately... Hoping to do this weekend when my granddaughters are here! Thanks for stopping by!

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