Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elmo Cake Pops (Revised)... and more!

Happy 2nd Birthday Zachary Kurtis Miller!

Our grandson Zachary just LOVES everything Elmo "Melmo"!  He turned two years old yesterday!  My how times flies.

This little boy has the sweetest disposition in the world.... he has 4 older siblings and the patience and sharing nature to prove it!

Well yesterday was his day... and because he loves Elmo soooo much -- he deserved these sweet little Elmo Cake Pops.  My sister Janet made these cute little pops for her grandson Evan -- he LOVED them.   She followed the plan from Bakerella.

I appreciate all their input -- but WHO HAS TIME?

So here is Gramma Karen's' version...  

1.  Start with pre-made donut holes -- from Wal-Mart, Dunkin Donuts or any other bakery !

2. Make them more round!  I had to scrape away some of the odd shapes, some sprinkles.... be careful that they don't fall apart on you... 

3. I used the Wilton Red Candy Melts -- melted them with the microwave directions... but then I placed the ceramic bowl over top of a small saucepan of boiling water -- to give me more time to work with the melted chocolate!

4.  I used the cake stems and pierced a hole in the donut before I dipped the stem in the melted candy... to make sure it would hold together for me...

Then I put just a little extra melt into the hole with the stem.  I let these set up for a few minutes.  (I did 4 or 5 and then started icing each one).

5. Instead of dipping, I iced the chocolate onto the donut holes - as there were sprinkles on them to start -  it went fine using an icing spatula.  Because Elmo has fur -- this works out perfectly!

6. Immediately put the eyes, nose and mouth on - as directed on Bakerella!

7. I was able to pause for a few moments - while things set up -- then I found my toothpick drawing out of the chocolate was more effective... I could even wait and add a few more dabs of chocolate with the toothpick later after everything was set up.

This worked out very well.

Zachary (and the other 7 grandchildren) LOVED the Cake Pops!

Funny thing is -- he wanted to lick the icing off the outside -- maybe the next time I will just put icing on them -- instead of the melted chocolate!
Yummy -- and fast too !

Here he is with the little Elmo Shirt I made for him -- using a purchased terry cloth bib.  I used fusible (Heat-n-Bond Lite), fused on the back of the bib, cut around the outline and then fused and machine appliqued it onto the black T-shirt.

Depending on how this one hold up in the wash -- I might consider changing the method of applique and using the one I describe here.  Time will tell.

Happy Birthday Zachary!

Lots and lots of Love....


Gramma Karen

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  1. Super cute cake pops! I don't have any kind of cake pop pan, so that's a great idea to use them already made!!!

    Happy birthday, Zachary!

  2. Those cake pops are unreal! I thought I was a legend making some pink ones and putting a few sprinkles on top for my daughter's birthday. But you litterally take the cake! Well done!

  3. Sweetness! Creativity without bounds! will use the donut hole idea in the future!! Hugs, Doreen (I love "Melmo", too!)

  4. He is such a little cutie, just love that smile! You are the neatest grandma to make those for him! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  5. Hi Karen,

    Thank you for stopping by! You would have to be the sweetest grandmother to make those cake pops!

    You DO like cardinals -- your blog name even has cardinals in it. :) Do send me a picture of your version of the cardinal pillow.

    Thanks for visiting!

  6. So cute! Thanks for linking up with the Caffeinated Crafters last week! We loved having you!!