Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oldest UFO in UFO History ?

This is embarrassing!     I was cleaning out an old wooden crate in my sewing room   -- and in the bottom I found a mat (never used), an adhesive board (brand new),  and a small package that said "and I made it myself".   Could these three things be together for a reason ? I was at a total loss....  Until opened the package....

Yes, I made this cross-stitch more than -20- years ago !  For my cousin's first child... who will be 23 years old this summer ! Can anyone beat the age of this UFO ?

Maybe I'll give it to him when he has his first son...

What a hoot.

On a good note -- I did manage to get the flannel sashing on my Wool Baskets in the last week or so... I love the color -- but sashing wool with flannel is quite a challenge !!    Can't wait to finish it - and before I turn 75 I hope !!

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