Sunday, May 8, 2016

Woohoo! APQ Podcast with Pat Sloan and A Quilter's Doodles Published!

It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks here in Redbird Quilt Co. land but today I'm excited to share that I've been invited to chat with Pat Sloan, "The Voice of Quilting", on her weekly Podcast for American Patchwork & Quilting (aka All People Quilt).  Woohoo!  
I Know!  Is that Crazy or What ?   

When Pat emailed me I about fell over...   I've listened to Pat's shows for a while now, especially when one of my Quilty Mentors is on, like Wendy Sheppard & Karlee Porter, and Lisa Bongean, and Carrie Nelson (Miss Rosie's Mom)... Just to name a few from recent shows.

Anyhow -- with working full-time it's sometimes hard to steal away for the live show -- so it's nice to know you can always listen later. 

For tomorrow though (Monday, May 9th) I'll be on at 4pm Eastern for a 12 minute segment and following me are some amazing talented ladies!!
Oh Goodness.... !!
I was already excited to be chatting with THE Pat Sloan but when I saw my image on the same page as these other ladies I was really humbled.      

I'm a bit nervous but here's the scoop: 

Pat and I are going to be chatting a bit about Free Motion Quilting
 and a bit about my history
 -- and we'll sneak in a snippet about my newly self-published
(with A LOT of help)
collection of my hand-drawn quilty doodles
(thanks for all your encouragement on this)

Book Front: 
Back Cover:
I hope to have a few tips to pass along too!

A Quilter's Doodles is made up of 20 of my
shown on Facebook and Instagram for the last several months.  

I doodle at night or early morning
to enhance my Free Motion Quilting skills
and learn and practice FMQ motif.  
Doodling helps build muscle memory so when you're stitching the designs out you don't have to calculate the motif as you go... 

Here is one of my more recent doodles... from March 2016: 
A Quilter's Doodles I - March 8th, 2016 - Copyright 2016 Redbird Quilt Co.
A Quilter's Doodles I
is available to purchase
 on my Redbird Quilt Co site
... you can see a few more sample pages there too!  
It's all very exciting and I'll be sure to share a bit more about it after the show.

Yes -- back to the show!! 

If you can,
tune-in just before 4pm on May 9th.  
You'll find the live Podcast on this page ==>  Live PodCast
In case that doesn't work here is another => Live Podcast II
And just in case -- here is a direct link to Toginet
where the banner across the top has
the current live show playing => Toginet APQ Radio

If you miss out on the live cast I'll be sure to share a link to the show archive when it is available.
(Any of the 3 links above will take you to the archive ;) 

From the bottom of my heart....  
Many thanks for supporting my quilty adventures and crazy pathway
to where I am now.   
From blogging, to applique, wool,
free motion quilting to tutorials, 
Moda Bake Shop & other 
pattern design, teaching and sharing --
-- it's been a really fun ride and 
I hope to keep giving back to all those that gave to and supported me.

Hugs my friends -- until tomorrow.

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  1. Karen, this is awesome news. Congratulations! And I am so pleased you followed through with your Quilter's Doodles book! It looks wonderful! XO

  2. Wow, Karen, you certainly have a lot on your plate these days! Patterns, books, classe, now a podcast- what's next? Congratulations and have fun!

  3. Congrats to you on the podcast - that is super exciting! And, I'm really excited about your new doodle book - I love your doodles!! You are just so talented - I am in awe of your quilting. Glad everything is going great for you!

  4. I caught all but the first couple of minutes, but you sounded very good on the air! WTG!!! If you were nervous, nobody could tell! Have fun at Spring Market!

  5. hello Karen
    I like so much all things you create .It is along time without news ! ilonge for reading you
    Do i need to subscribe on an another adress ?
    Cordially michele( I am not speaking English)

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