Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unexpected Act Of Kindness! Thanks Rosie's Mom!

What a wonderful surprise!  

I found (what I thought was) a great deal on some old fabric that I've desired to own for a long time.

Side note:  You see on my Quilt Bucket List is "Quilting the Garden" by Blackbird Designs.  If you've never seen it done... You really should.  My friend Debbie Wick made it and taught it years before I was quilting.  I'm hoping she is going to teach it again this fall.  I LOVE this quilt.  Debbie's quilt wins BlueRibbons by the way....

Continuing with the surprise... I happen to visit Miss Rosie's Quilt Co blog earlier this week and stumbled upon a "Stash Sale" ( something I've never, ever considered ;)   Guess what?   there it is... Carrie is letting go of a Fat Quarter Bundle of Chelsea Boutique by Blackbird Designs.... of which many pieces were used in the original "Quilting the Garden"....  so i'm in right?  I want that FQB.  

I order it and within 3 days its on my door step... 

Oh the joy!  

But wait... Look what else is in the package.... There must be a mistake!

And that's not all...  Even more in the package... Yardage of Chelsea boutique too!

I write Carrie and ask her if there has been a mistake....wanting to pay for the extra pieces...

The crazy lady writes back and said no mistake... She loves to surprise... Can you imagine?

So here is a shout out for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co... Carrie is a Gem!

Thanks Carrie for making my week.  


  1. That was a win, win, win!!! Great for Carrie to de stash a little... and to find a good home for the fabric, then to make it just that more sweet with bonus fabric love!
    For you, to find that amazing fabric group, have it in your hot little hands in just a couple of sleeps, and now you get to make something from your bucket list!
    Carrie is extra special! Rosie says so all the time!

    1. Sinta, I am very excited! And you tell Rosie to keep telling her momma how special she is! Thanks for stopping by, Karen

  2. Aw shucks. You're going to swell my head and I'll become unbearably conceited... so STOP! :)

    (But thank you just the same. And I expect a picture of your quilt!)

    1. Carrie - you are a gem. Thanks again! I've already made a small purse out of the French General Charm Pack! I'll send you a picture!


  3. That is just so wonderfully awesome. Like hitting the quilting lottery :) Congrats! Now you have to make the Quilting the Garden, when do we get to see it ;)

    1. Sue, lucky for me I have a friend that made it years ago and she is hosting a monthly gathering class for a few of us girls to get it done. We start in August picking out backgrounds and fabrics and in September our first block. Maybe a year from now ? (Wishful thinking). I am just excited to start as I've had the book and fabric targeted for ages! Thanks for stopping by!

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