Sunday, October 7, 2012

Airing of the Quilts!

I attended the Annual  "Airing of the Quilts" in Tunkhannock, Pa yesterday with my sister Michele -- although the day was damp and cold -- we had a wonderful time and saw some beautiful quilts! 

If you've never attended an "Airing" -- hundreds of quilts are hung along the streets and displayed in local buildings.  

The homes in this area are stunning!

and it goes along way in optimizing the beauty of the quilts!

The quilts are hung on fences...

over rocks,

on shrubbery

in windows... and


from Porches (Michele is near the porch!)

This "Amish Peacock" quilt was beautiful -- hand appliqued and quilted.

The detail was amazing -- each feather in the tail (30 of them) was two different pieces of fabric!  
(Debbie -- does this look familiar ?)
There is also a quilt show a the local school gym...

 I love Baltimore Album quilts -- this one was beautiful!

We were also amazed by the quilt below...
The center blocks were needle turn appliqued Paisley!  
Can you imagine ?
And the quilting was also beautiful (sorry for the color issues with my camera).  Really neat stuff.

 Here is an "Art" quilt -- made with zippers, buttons and 3d applique.
Zipper Borders too !
Zipper Flower stems all around... see ?
Last -- but not least -- is Angelina at her birthday party -- she had a great time and just loved the "Sparkly Little Purse with Flowers"

Sew much fun!
Have a wonderful day everyone...


  1. Amazing quilts!!!!

  2. Wow what a great time that must have been. Is that a yearly thing they do?

    1. Hi Sue -- yes the annual event is sponsored by a local QS and it draws quite a crowd of quilters! It is really a nice event (especially when the weather "holds-up")! The fall foliage is usually spectacular too! Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. That must have been great to see in person!! Sounds like you had a great time love the photos!!

  5. Love all those quilts and a cutie too.

  6. Hi Karen what a lovely display of quilts, I enjoyed seeing every photo. It was also lovely to see the happy face on your DGD's face, it was worth all the time you spent on that lovely bag. Cheers Glenda

  7. Loved checking out your blog tonight. Your pictures are beautiful! I also favored the Baltimore Album quilt done in pastels! Love it!
    The homes and quilts are stunning! Thank you for sharing all your photos. Angelina is so cute with her new purse.

  8. This is the perfect post to rejuvenate as I've never heard of an airing of the quilts and can only imagine from your post not only how much fun it was...but how awe inspiring!! What a site that must have been! Thanks for resharing at Tuesday Archives under our Exhibits theme....since I wasn't blogging in 2012...I would have missed out! :)SMILES!

  9. What an amazing display of quilts, homes and the landscape.

  10. Stunning displays. I love the thought of an 'Airing of the Quilts' event. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I have never gone to Airing of the Quilts - but have always wanted to. It is about 90 min from me.. Thanks for taking me there. It looks gorgeous.. I need to get there!


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