Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sewin on Sunday ! No Foolin !

Can you believe Easter is 1 week away !  Oh I have soo many cute things that I would like to make for our grandchildren.   One is this adorable little "No Sew Ruffle Tote" from Jamie over at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom !  She does wonderful tutorials and shares adorable patterns for your little ones.  If you're not already a follower -- you should check out the wonderful things there !

Above is my "mini" version of the No Sew Ruffle Tote.  I actually made two this evening - One for Angelina and one for Jenna (and I'm still considering making one for Emily too)...    Jamie's tutorial is just perfect -- check it out !  
My finished bag was considerably smaller than the bag that Jamie made.  I bought the canvas bags for 1/2 price at our Local Christmas Tree Shoppe -- the small bags were only $1 -- what a bargain !!   I chose the girls favorite colors and choose fabric from my stash for the ruffles. I used the OLFA Pinking Rotary Blade (pricey but worth it).   I followed the Ruffle Tutorial from "Ruffles And Stuff" blog - except I only stitched one line of straight stitch with my machine (instead of two).   

Believe it or not, I used the Hot Glue Gun to create the bag (rather than sewing).  Some of the seams on the canvas bag I bought were much to thick to stitch through -- I had fun playing with my Glue Gun -- that hadn't seen the light of day in years !!

Also, instead of using ribbon to trim the top of the bag, I made a finish piece from the fabric stash.  I cut a 3 inch wide strip of fabric, ironed in half wrong sides together, then opened up the fabric and ironed each 1/2 side toward the center.  I used my machine to top stitch the trim (and don't forget to put your tension back to normal before you attempt this -- I forgot once... oh well, the tension on that top stitching is a little crazy. 
Here is a picture of both of the bags I made this evening!  I just love them.  

Oh, before I go, I was out yesterday with my daughter-in-law/friend and our youngest DGS Ethan -- we tried on some funny bunny ears at the store -- isn't he just the cutiest little boy ?  He is 15 months now and such a joy to be around! 

Have a great week everyone -- and thanks for stopping by !



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  1. Cute bags!
    A 15 month old boy - life couldn't be more exciting!!


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