Preparing Perfect Berries for Applique

Preparing Perfect Berries for Applique

Do you have a favorite applique pattern that needs a circle or berry appliqued to it.  If you're not keen on preparing a needle turn circle give this version a try:

Using Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles templates choose the 1/2 inch diameter template.  If you don't own Perfect Circles, use the heavy piece of cardboard to cut a circle template.
  • Cut 1" diameter fabric circles for berries --  A US Quarter (coin) works great to measure and cut a 1" circle.
  • Once the 1 inch fabric circles are cut , hand sew a running stitch around the perimeter of the fabric circle - leaving approximately a 6" tail of thread attached to the fabric circle. Do not knot or cut the thread after you've finished the running stitch.
  • Place a Perfect Circle or cardboard template in the center of the fabric.  (Do not use template plastic unless it is heat resistant).
  • Pull the thread taut around the Perfect Circle, drawing the fabric tight around the template.
  • Place the unit right side down on the ironing surface, spray a bit of starch or sizing on the back side of the drawn fabric and place a medium heat, dry iron on the piece(s) until the circle/berry is completely dry (a minute or two depending on how much spray starch you use).
  • Remove the iron, allow the berry and template to cool, then peel the edge of the fabric back to  remove the  template.
  • Reshape the circle by pulling the thread taut again and press once more to set the circle.
  • Knot the thread once the circle is as you desire
  • Leave the thread attached to the circle and use it when you're attaching the circle to the background fabric.
Here is a summary of the steps:
Shown: A collection of berries: The Redbird and Berries Mini QUilt used appx 75 berries and included some berries made from the leftover Little Black Dress 2 mini-charms (not shown below).

Note: As originally documented in the Moda Bake Shop Redbird and Berries Mini Quilt Recipe posted Jan 24th, 2014 ~ Written by Karen L. Miller

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