Monday, February 11, 2019

2019 Free Motion QAL: Check In & Tips

Hey Hey Fellow Quilters...

Have you joined our
2019 Free Motion Quilt Along
featuring Lewe the Ewe fabric panel by
World of Susybee?

It's a Mystery!

To date Wendy and I have shared the following Quilt Along (QAL) posts...

Jan 7:  Announcement Post  ✅
   Jan 21:  Setup, Planning, Basting  
Feb 4:  Inside Center Panel  

Also -- I've also created a YouTube Playlist referencing all the videos I've shared.
Click the image below to get started:

If you're just tuning in, there's ample time to catch up.

We're taking Monday the 18th off in honor of President's Day and will share our next lesson on the 25th of February.

Grab your fabric, book, and thread and get ready to have some fun!!
Here's the remaining schedule:

Feb 25:  Top and Bottom Rectangles
March 4:  Top and Bottom Squares
March 11:  Left and Right Panels
March 18: Narrow Sashing
March 25:  Outside Border
April 1:  Binding, Labeling, Hanging if applicable


How is YOUR stitching is coming along?
Is all going well?

Learning to free motion quilt can be intimidating.

Here are a few things to consider:


In order to get the best results it's important to relax!

Maybe a glass of wine will help?
(not a bottle !!  LOL)
Fresh air ?
Playing your favorite music...

Whatever it is that relaxes you -- give it a go.
It's important to drop those shoulders and roll that neck too.
Relax, sing, focus on the happy!


Every new endeavor warrants having the right tools.
This week I worked with a few folks that were battling

 skipped stitches

To troubleshoot those skipped stitches consider:

Inserting a NEW NEEDLE!
Not just any needle...

A Superior Titanium Coated Top Stitch Needle is YOUR FRIEND.
If you're seeing skipped stitches and you're not using one do consider adding this tool to your kit.

Skipped stitches can also occur if your foot height is too high.

If you're using an adjustable height foot try setting it down to ride just above your quilt sandwich. 
Setting it too high can result in skipped stitches.

You can read more about setup basics here:
    Setup, Planning, Basting 

long stitches

If you're not using a stitch regulator you'll need to regulate your own stitch length.
This is done by coordinating the speed of your hand movement with the speed of the needle.

For beginners, I may recommend lowering the speed of the machine .
If you're not sure how to set your machine/needle speed lower let me know -- I'll try to help you with this.

Setting the speed down allows you to floor the foot peddle and coordinate your hand speed to the constant speed that results.

practice, practice, practice

The best way to improve is...
continue to stitch.
FMQ is an acquired skill -- kinda like learning to play a musical instrument.
It doesn't happen overnight -- or with a one day lesson.

Get excited, be determined, make time, and keep on stitching !

Give yourself time (and permission) to learn

Any new endeavor requires gaining knowledge and allowing time to practice.

Every day that we stitch brings change
and improvement.

Know that you'll learn and grow throughout the process and accept and be thankful for where you are today -- tomorrow it will be different.

It's true for me, for Wendy and for you...!

Wendy has great insight for you today too...
Jump on over and check it out!

.... I love to hear from you!

 -- AND -- 
see where you are in the process.

If you're on social media --  add this hashtag to any images you share
#2019fmqal   or  #2019fmqalong 

I'll be searching them.
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You can also leave a comment on the blog (below) or on any YouTube video.

I look forward to our upcoming adventures.

happy stitching!

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