Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014 Quilts, Vines & Finger Lakes Wines Show

Greetings quilting family -- last week I promised to share images from our local quilt show "Quilts, Vines & Finger Lakes Wines" hosted by O'Susannah's Quilts and Gifts in Watkins Glen NY.

There were so many beautiful quilts that I couldn't possibly photograph all of them -- but I did gather a few of the most awesome applique and/or free motion quilted entries at the show.  I've included a few of my favorite entries below and all of the images can be seen by clicking here

First up: "Roses in the Vineyard" by Lynn Ink - Lynn hand stitched appx 700 grapes on this 16" mini and she also hand quilted it.  What wonderful talent. See more images here
"Roses in the Vineyard" by Lynn Ink
Next, "Belva's Fat Quarters Appliqued" was done by a friend and local guild member, Joan Thorpe - - and was inspired by two Kim Diehl patterns.   Joan created, stitched, and machine quilted (on her domestic) this little number -- you can see more images of it here.
"Belva's Fat Quarters Appliqued" by Joan Thorpe
The variety of quilts in the show was amazing -- some traditional, some modern, many applique and antique -- here is another one I just love...
This beauty was cross stitched and quilted by Vivian Pritts and entered into the show by her daughter-in-law Allison.   I seem to be drawn to cross stitched quilts -- you can see more images by clicking here.

In some cases the overhead lighting at the Community Center didn't get along well with my IPAD and I missed getting images of some fabulous quilts -- kudos to all the entrants in the show!!

I did take about 45 pictures of quilts at the show -- you can see all of them in this Post by Redbird Quilt Co.  on Facebook.  You don't need a Facebook account to view it, and please feel free to share  with your quilting friends -- you never know when inspiration will hit! 

If you would like to see my entries in the Quilt Show, and some lovely quilts from the 2013 show -- visit this post.

Finally, I've been trying to follow a suggestion by Mark Lipinski and the Slow Stitching Movement to keep Inspiration flowing, so, after I left the QUILT SHOW on Sunday, I broke out of my habitual route home and took a new path.  Check out the beautiful scenery I found on this route just North of Watkins Glen, NY.  
If you're interested, read more of Mark's suggestions to break out of your inspiration slump here.

Let me know if you enjoy posts like this.. I always enjoy looking at quilts -- do you?

Stay tuned for my entry in the "Around the World Blog Hop" on Monday, and some other fun announcements next week.

Have a blessed day all!


  1. thanks for sharing these amazing quilts, like you I was at a quilt show, mine the festival of quilts where there were over 1000 to see, have shared a few on my blog and like yours such a variety, I was blown away by them Love the waterfall scene you captured on the way home what a beautiful place to visit.

  2. It's always fun to view quilts from a quilt show! :) Love that beautiful scenery :)

  3. I love looking at the quilts in quilt shows. Seeing the different creations. It is amazing how creative so many different people can be!
    That scenery would make a lovely landscape quilt, I can already see it taking shape.

  4. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I am a fairly new follower and really enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Yes...I too enjoyed your sharing. Super inspiration!!!

  6. Thanks for rhe pictures .I enjoy viewing quilts.
    Now I"m going to look your new path,rhe pic is fabulous .Have a great day!

  7. Thank you dear Karen, for sharing this wonderful quilt pictures!!!
    The waterfall is amazing....
    I look forward to your blog hop report.
    Many hugs

  8. Totally enjoyed the post! Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty much a hermit, so I really enjoy seeing everyone's adventures. These are not really quilts, but works of art. So inspiring and the waterfall....what can I say. Gorgeous!

  9. I love this kind of post with lots of pictures of quilts from shows. They are a great source of inspiration and would love to see more!

  10. I do like posts like this - it's always nice to see photos from quilt shows! That waterfall scene is amazing.

  11. I always enjoy posts like this, Karen. I would if I could go to all the quilt shows, but impossible. To my delight quilters everywhere post their visits and I get to see them too! Thank you

  12. Oh yes, this was so nice. I do get inspiration from the work of others.

  13. Hi Karen,

    Oh MY GOODNESS! You hang out with some really talented quilters -- and now I know why your work is absolutely gorgeous! :)

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts.

  14. i enjoy so much to read your news today . I am living in Switzerland , so very difficult to visit such marvellous quilting shows . Thank you very much . have a good week

  15. Thank you for sharing these Karen. Amazing quilts. An enjoyable post :-)

  16. Beautiful post Karen. Thank you for sharing these amazing quilts with us!

  17. The quilts were amazing, and the view in your photo is fabulous!

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