Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sharing WIP Like a Proud Momma

Oh I'm having such fun!!   I still have to pinch myself to be sure I'm not dreaming.... In the last few weeks I started teaching Introductory Wool Applique "Spring Basket" with two different groups and I'm doing cartwheels in celebration!!

Spring Basket Sample by Karen L. Miller ~ Redbird Quilt Co.
Many thanks to the ladies at the New Quilters On the Block Guild in Candor, NY and to the Partners and Students at Quilters Corner in Ithaca, NY for taking a chance on this green instructor!   Thank you ladies -- ya'll are just wonderful to work with...  
New Quilters on the Block - Working Hard

The New Quilters on the Block wanted to learn the basics of wool applique -- knowing that we wouldn't finish any pieces in the 4 hours we spent together.  We reviewed wool preparation, floss basics, Needles: threading - knotting - burying - finishing;  Stitches: blanket, couch, overhand, french knot, and so on...  They did a fantastic job on their quilts -- and Joan came sharing her own overdyed wools with the entire group of 11 ladies (and one lucky instructor)!   We had a fun time!
New Quilters On the Block -- Almost quitting time...

Besides the people, personalities, and comradely -- here are some moments that make this sew much fun....

1.  The "Light Bulb" moment - You're looking in a persons eye -- they're watching the lesson, and listening to what you share, and they sit down and take fabric, needle and thread in hand and "click" -- it works!!  They get it!  WOW - now that is fun!

2. "Individuality & Creativity" -- this is really, really fun for me.  The class comes in with their wools and backgrounds and nobody is exactly sure where they're going.   After 3-6 hours it all starts coming together and everyone is drooling over everyone else's projects.    Oh my that is fun!

Here are some Work in Progress images from Session 2 at Quilters Corner:

My apologies to Ruth -- somehow I managed to get out the door without taking a picture of her quilt -- I promise I'll share in another post.

This is Barbara's Spring Basket - she is stitching it onto black wool -- so soft and plush.  Don't you just LOVE that basket and how she cut it on point... the piece is coming together beautifully - I love how she used different color berries for her hyacinth. 
Barbara's WIP
This is Cathy's WIP -- Cathy took a whole different approach with a Gray wool background and a complimentary gray wool basket -- She used buttons for the centers of her mums -- how sweet!  And how about that bird ?  Don't you just love the red breast?   It's fabulous!
Cathy's WIP
Here is Mary Ann's WIP -- Mary Ann had fun with colors that were closer to the original pattern sample and it worked out wonderfully.  Her forsythia are bright and cheery, and the entire piece just jives... I love it!
Mary Ann's Work in Progress
No matter if you're the teacher or the student -- it's just fun to share quilting moments.  If you're a quilter you LOVE to see other people's work....

Here is "the other" Cathy's Spring Basket -- she nearly finished it in our 2nd 3 hour session.  The background is cotton fabric but it comes off plush and full -- and almost looking like green grass.  Cathy went with brights and WOW -- what a fantastic finish.  Congratulations Cathy!
The other Cathy's Spring Basket -- All done except for the quilting
After class Mary Ann worked hard and finished her piece over the weekend.  Here is an image she sent me -- didn't it come out beautifully ?  Way to go Mary Ann !! 
If you live locally and would like to take Introduction to Wool Applique ~ Spring Basket, I'll be teaching it in a 1 day Workshop at Penn Yan Sewing Machines on Tuesday, August 19th from 9am to 3pm.   You can reach the shop by calling 607-243-7879.   

I'll be updating my Facebook Events Page with a complete lineup of classes this week.

If you're not local, a PDF version of Spring Basket is available for immediate purchase and download at my Crafty Pattern Store.

Thanks for stopping by today and sharing in my excitement!!



  1. Too bad I live so far away Karen! Very nice group with a talented teacher!
    Hugs from Italy

  2. Lucky ladies to have you teaching them! A bonus for you was that you had fun too.

  3. Fantastic, Karen. It looks like a lot of fun - and such a rewarding experience :-) Great to see all the different versions.

  4. Looks like you have been having a blast and so much pretty eye candy here :)

  5. What a great little trunk show! They look so different from on another. Each one is beautiful!

  6. How fun to see all the different interpretations of your design! It sounds like everyone had a great time in class.

  7. All the projects came together beautifully. The fact that they all look GREAT from the same pattern speaks for the pattern also. Good job!

  8. Wonderful results from your class , shows the instructor did a great job !

  9. after working up the pattern myself I love seeing all the other versions.

  10. Hi Karen! I wish I was living nearer to you to attend one of your courses!
    I saw in one of the pictures your Redbird and Berries Mini Quilt all in black and white except for the cardinal and the berries. It's as beautiful as the beige and black version. I'd like to make it in these colors... Maybe, maybe...

  11. Congratulations on such a successful class! What lovely wool pieces your students did.

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