Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Archives with Val's Quilting Studio

Morning everyone!  Top of the day to you?
...or maybe you had one too many green beers yesterday? {wink, wink}

I'm joining in the fun with Val at Val's Quilting Studio today where she hosts two different linky parties to share your old quilting posts.

Themes in Val's linky party this week are "Animals" and "Awards".

I've never really posted about them but I did receive awards once for two of my favorite quilts.
Both ribbons were awarded at a local Quilt Show hosted by the "Common Threads Quilt Guild" in upstate NY.   It was actually the first time I'd ever entered anything into a show - I was very honored to win these ribbons!!

Even more exciting was at the same quilt show my granddaughter Emily won 1st place in the Juvenile Category for her first ever quilt!!.  Now that is something to crow about! 

Below is a wool on wool applique quilt, "Folk Art Melody" by Lori Smith - and it took 1st place in the "1st Time Entrant" category.  I've done a little more quilting on the blocks since I took this picture -- there is a 1/4 inch echo quilt on all the blocks now -- it added a nice border effect to each block - sorry I don't have a good picture to share.
 A close up of one of the blocks - I designed the bird on this one -- can you tell ??
You can read and see more pictures about Folk Art Melody here and here.

The other ribbon was 1st Place "Applique Wall Hanging - Machine Quilted" and that was for "Flower Basket" - Pattern by Wooden Spool Designs.

A close up of my favorite block:
You can read/see more about my "Flower Basket" here and here.

Last but not least is my granddaughter Emily -- she had just turned 15 when she won this award, she was 13 when we bought her the fabric and 14 when it was completed.  She won 1st place in the "Juvenile" category.  We are so very proud of her!
You can read more about Emily's quilt here:

Well thanks for stopping by today and be sure to jump over to Val's Linky Party to see a bunch of neat Award quilts.  Thanks for the fun Val!

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. Congrats - that's awesome! What amazing ribbons, too! I love your wool applique as well :-)

  2. good morning, I love your wool baskets and congrats on the wins

  3. This was alot of fun to read and see and your grand daughters are doing awesome work! Pretty girls and pretty projects! : )

    Complete opposite here...little 4 yr old grandson over here this afternoon and I had him putting teaspoons of dirt into half eggshells to start seeds and lol our "Greenhouse" is my cake holder ! :)

  4. How fun!! I don't have any award quilts to share - it might become more of a possibility if I actually entered things to judged events. . . ;D I *love* the French knot pops on the wool baskets - absolutely enchanting quilt.

  5. It is soo exciting to win awards. For me it validates the time effort and workmanship I have put into a piece. Congratulations both are stunning and it is nice to see the next generation of quilters winning prizes

  6. Oh Karen...this post is everything I'd hope Tuesday Archives would be!!! You are very welcome! Thanks you so much for the shout out...but even more, for sharing these precious memories and awards! I mean look at Emily's smiles! PRICELESS! V:) PS: Darn, didn't have too many green beers was a blistery, cold day here! :) TTYS

  7. Your work is beautiful!

  8. Congratulations,that`s fabulous and more to come!!

  9. Congrats to Emily! I have a daughter named Emily, and she is a quilter and seamstress extraordinaire. Love, love your two winning quilts - what beauties and well deserving of prizes. Congrats to you, also, Karen!.