Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trapunto Thursday?

Well - that was my intention...
I started here:  I LOVE this book by Geta Grama - she has beautiful pictures, excellent information and many samples to drool over.

Because it was late at night, I decided to pick a much larger sample to start out with.  I had this book -- by Hari Walners -- and I've been anxious to try one of these designs.

So I choose a large design (so my first attempt might be successful) and traced the design onto some paper.

I then layered my batting (bottom), organza and paper template on top with pins.

I set my machine up like I would to FMQ -- using my my Supreme Slider and my FMQ foot.  I changed my threads to white (I didn't have any water soluable to use) and put on my Machingers.   I started sewing through all three layers in a very small stitch (to cut the paper as I went)...

The Accident Report - : (
Well gosh -- I thought to myself -- this paper seems pretty thick -- or the needle was dull...  and for some reason, my sample layer was not moving all that freely.   I stopped and looked down... and to my surprise I see that my Supreme slider SLID alright... NOT GOOD !!


The rest is history...
The back side of my slider once I removed it from the machine

A view from the top - after I had ripped a few stitches
Oh goodness Karen -- way too late at night to be using technology!  LOL

Thank goodness my husband bought me a new QUEEN Supreme Slider for Christmas !!
Needless to say -- I'm not sure I'll be using that slider again -- but really -- it is all MY FAULT -- did you notice how dusty the back side of that Supreme Slider was ?

Lesson Learned.  Always clean your slider with Water and Mild Detergent before you put it down...

Silly me !

Hugs all !

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  1. Oh no! I am also paranoid, so I put painter's tape around a few edges (and the corners) to make sure it doesn't slide or fold over.